3 Reasons Your BP Monitor Is Giving You A False Reading

The modern age has made our lives quite convenient and hassle free. Advancement in the field of medicine has given us many devices that allow us to keep a track of our vitals on a day to day basis. The advanced automated blood pressure monitors that we have today are rapidly displacing the mercury and aneroid sphygmomanometers used in the older times. As we move towards the modern bp check machine that allows you to obtain BP measurements by the simple click of a button, you might also come across certain hurdles that accompany modern technology.

You might be using the best bp machine available in the market and yet face some issues in its functioning. A false reading of your vitals is one of the most common issue that you might face. There could be several reasons behind the wrong numbers that come out. Let’s take a look at some of the most common reasons for your bp monitor giving you a false reading!

Check the air hose, connectors and cuff

Automated bp monitors need to be constantly checked for air leaks and blockages. To ensure the safety and accuracy of the measurements, the machine has to be maintained. If you experience errors during a BP measurement, one of the most common reason is a blocked hose or a leak in the connector, hose or the cuff. You can check the parts yourself or head to a professional to get it checked for its performance.

Check arm position

The position of the patient while taking the measurement is very important for an accurate reading. The upper arm needs to be held at the level of the heart and you also need to ensure that the patient is not holding their cuffed arm to close to their side. The closeness of the arm can affect the reading by affecting the pressure pulse that need to be read. The cuff is the main sensor and hence, you need to make sure that it is kept away from any interference.

Stop moving!

Due to the technology used in the measurement of your vitals by a bp monitor, you need to ensure that there is no movement while checking your bp. Any movement that takes place along the cuff can lead to a huge variation in your blood pressure reading, giving you a false sense of your health. There is no need to mention how dangerous this can get. So unless you have a monitor that has the special ability to not be affected by any motion around it, you might get the wrong reading on your bp monitors.

An important component of home first aids kits, a blood pressure monitor is a convenient way to keep your health in check without having to visit the doctor from time to time. It is important to buy a reliable and quality product that gives you accurate reading and lasts a long time. Smart Medical Buyer is a great platform ti buy your medical supplies such as alcohol hand sanitizer, medical gloves and a bp monitor. Check out their website for more of their products.

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