3 Signs a Loved One is Addicted

Addiction is all around us and sometimes it hits a little too close to home. Here are the top 3 signs to look out for in a potentially addicted loved one.

Addiction statistics in the UK are shocking. At this point, Scotland has passed the point of no return and is the worst drug addiction/death country in all Europe. Although England and Wales don’t have quite as shocking statistics, there are still thousands of deaths each year due to addictions based on substance abuse.

Let’s review where you can go to get advice for an addiction and then how you can spot the signs in the people you love.

Where to Get Help for an Addiction?

If you think your loved one is meddling with drugs or alcohol, it can be a scary time for you. Luckily, there is a lot of information out there that can help you to navigate your choices safely. Of course, if you suspect an addiction, you should always make your first stop the National Health Service. They can give advice and information on what you should do next.

However, if you want some free, confidential, impartial advice that won’t be recorded anywhere, you can opt to chat with a rehab selection service instead. We recommend the appropriately named Help4addiction, who can help you find the right rehab clinic for you based on the criteria that you give to them. The best rehab for you means you have more chance of quitting the first time around.

Now that we know where to get help for an addicted loved one should they need it, let’s review the three top signs that they might need help.

The 3 Signs your Loved One is Addicted

If your loved one is an addict, they may display the following things.

1 – They may hide their drinking/use

If your loved one is drinking a normal amount of alcohol, or only using drugs at parties, then they don’t need to hide that from you. When it is a Tuesday night and you find a 6 pack of beer cans hidden in the garden shed, you know there’s a problem there. Those that drink less than 14 units per week don’t have to hide the extra empty bottles. Their bottle bins are typically never full, either. If there are chinking noises coming from binbags, there may be a problem drinker in the house.

2 – Money is unaccounted for

If a lot of money keeps going missing from the monthly tally, this is a sign it may be getting spent on alcohol or drugs. Spotting an addiction is easiest when you look at your monthly budget. You ought to know where your money is going and, if you don’t, you have to ask your partner what they are spending it on.

3 – They do it without you routinely

If you are often finding your partner or loved one to be less than sober, and they never hinted to you that they were drinking or going out, then there is an issue. This is especially true of couples. If you aren’t using drugs together, or having a drink together, they must be doing it with other people. They may be doing it alone, and this is even more worrying. Ask them about it gently and see what they say.

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