5 Good Reasons to Consider a Natural Birth Amid an Ongoing Pandemic in 2022

Natural birth is vaginal birth without medical interventions. It means doctors and midwives do not use drugs, pain killers, injections or epidurals. Undedicated birth can be painful. But the good news is that it is manageable. You have better control over your body and can avoid nausea and low blood pressure. A well-supported vaginal delivery is helpful for both the mother and the child. No wonder 90% to 95% of the world’s birth are natural, according to the WHO. It is the safest option if you do not have existing complications with your pregnancy or the child does not need special care.
Tons of life-changing reasons make vaginal birth a viable option in 2022. The birth can outline the mothers’ expectations while prioritizing baby health care amid a pandemic. Take a look at why you must consider it for a positive and satisfying outcome.

1.      Speedy Recovery

This is one of the prime concerns post-delivery. A natural birth lets you stand up and walk around within a few hours. You recover quickly from birth and labour. This is due to pain-relieving endorphins that are produced while pushing out the baby. Mothers can resume daily tasks within a couple of days.  C-sections usually take 50% more recovery time. But avoid any strenuous activity like picking heavy objects during the ‘rest period’. Shorter hospital stays reduce the chances of COVID-19 infections.


2.      Less Breathing Trouble

Respiratory risks in the baby are low. The movement from the birth canal compresses the thorax. This squeezes out the amniotic fluid from the chest and clears the lungs. It helps the baby breathe better since the organ functions optimally. It eliminates the chances of transient tachypnea in which extra fluids fills their lungs. The child ends up breathing heavily and might need oxygen for the next couple of days post-birth.

3.      Early Breastfeeding

A natural birth lets you breastfeed the child in the first hour. This is vital since the baby’s suckle urge is at a peak in the first 2-3 hours post-birth. Further, milk production usually increases within the next 24 to 72 hours. There are ample benefits linked to feeding the child early. For example:

  • Fewer chances of anaemia
  • Healthy weight loss of up to 500 calories each day.
  • Low postpartum bleeding.

You can achieve a comfortable feeding position due to zero surgical pain. Breastfeeding can stimulate the baby’s immune system. This is quite helpful during COVID times.

4.      Fewer Surgery Risks

As many benefits as C-section comes with, infection of the wound, swelling, redness and discharges are often unavoidable. A natural birth wipes out these risks. There are no post-stitches pain, strong reactions to anaesthesia or pain around the incision. Mothers do not have to spend extra time taking care of these conditions at home. You can resort to a normal diet soon without restrictions due to potential side effects.

5.      Better APGAR Score

The is a health test right performed after birth. The higher the score, the better is the infant’s physical condition. A natural delivery at the best maternity hospital in Bangalore can ensure a number between 7 to 9 due to plenty of natural stimulation. The baby’s activities, heart rate and responsiveness are usually up to the mark.

Unique relaxation techniques, therapies and natural birth positions minimize discomforts. But regardless of how the baby comes out of your body, you are still a super mother.

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