5 Unique Gifts for Teacher Appreciation Week

Typically the first full week in May, Teacher Appreciation Week shouldn’t be overlooked. In fact, it’s perfectly sensical to let your teachers know that you care. Education workers are often in that field because they feel a sense of pride and satisfaction from being able to make an impact on their students. Here are some teacher-approved, unique gifts to consider for the special instructors making a difference in your life.

1. Planner Pops

If you know a teacher, you probably know that they usually have a huge love for planners and agendas. Planner manufacturers even have specific lines that cater to fabulous teachers, themselves. With this top-secret info, you now know that teachers will likely appreciate anything that is adorable and can embellish their planner. Here are some ideas for planner bling:

  •       Cute stickers
  •         Page markers
  •         Gel pens
  •         Planner charms
  •         Washi tape

Anything in the craft section, really, is fair game. Something useful that can spruce up their agenda will brighten their day and remind them how much they’re appreciated!

2. Tidying Trinkets

Teachers are also notorious for having lots of papers and knick-knacks on their desks. Rather than adding to that never-ending pile with a card or homemade macaroni frame (nothing wrong with either, by the way), test the organizational waters. These types of gifts can range from pencil pouches to cord organizers. Anything that makes a teacher’s life simpler and minimizes clutter will be a win!

3. Energy Equalizers

The more energy a teacher has, the more magic they can bring to the classroom. Teaching is a tiring, yet rewarding job. Make sure your teachers know that you care about them by boosting their energy levels day-to-day. It’s truly the gift that keeps on giving. Some examples include:

  •         Coffee mug warmers
  •         Earplugs or sleep masks
  •         Fruit infuser water bottles
  •         Passes to yoga classes
  •         Snack gift boxes

Caffeine, more sleep, water intake, exercise, and nourishment are all ways that your teacher can keep their energy up. This shows you care about their well-being and ability to teach your class all those fantastic tidbits of information.

4. Stress Savers

Similarly, teachers can often be under immense amounts of pressure. Show that you understand by catering to lowering their stressors. You could collectively hand your teacher a written pledge to chatter less as a class. More tangibly, you could make a playlist on your favorite music streaming platform. Make sure it’s full of instrumental, soothing tunes. An aromatherapy candle and stress ball are the perfect accompaniments to the stress-busting playlist.

5. Cool Creations

Lastly, get creative. That homemade macaroni frame mentioned earlier doesn’t have to be boring. Spice it up with some glitter glue and a picture of the most fun class trip from the year. Mementos from the heart are the best way to stand out. You may be super artistic, or you may not know how to draw a stick figure. Either way, putting time and effort into something shows that you care.

Whatever you choose to give your teacher this year, make sure they feel noticed on Teacher Appreciation Day and throughout that first week in May. They may not show it, but they are waiting for some kudos before you skip off to summer break.

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