A Look into Inpatient and Outpatient Rehab Options

The initial step to living drug-free is knowing that you need to break the addiction. However, the full recovery will take time, and it is critical to have professionals help you with the process. There are likely challenges throughout the road to recovery. Still, with support from loved ones and self will,  it is possible to be drug-free in a small duration.

Drug and alcohol treatment employs several techniques to achieve the desired results. It entails counselling, detoxification and therapy. The patients can either choose to undertake the treatment in a facility or at home. Mostly, it depends on the level of addiction and preference on the options to select. Both inpatient and outpatient programs are similar. The only thing that differs is the setting. So, let us look at both options and what to expect from each.

Inpatient Treatment

It entails getting into a drug and alcohol detox center to undertake the rehabilitation process. The option is ideal for people suffering from severe addiction or those who try to stop the use but always relapse. Enrolling in such a facility will eliminate the factors that will likely influence the patient to fall back into the addiction.

The environment is drug-free, and there are certain restrictions the patient must observe. There are staff available during the day and night to help the patients break the addiction or respond to emergencies. Apart from the treatment stages, they monitor the individuals in the facility and help them develop a drug-free lifestyle. Although the treatment is personalized, it is common to have group sessions where the patients can learn from each other’s experiences.

The duration of stay will differ depending on the response to treatment and addiction severity. It can last a few months or several years for one to achieve full recovery.

Outpatient Treatment

Drug treatment in Scottsdale, Arizona, can happen away from a facility. Although the patient will be residing at home, they will need to go to the facility for personal or group therapy. The option is ideal for individuals who have people depending on them. When you cannot leave your young ones for inpatient drug treatment, outpatient therapy is ideal.

The level of therapy decreases as a patient improves, but there is consistent follow up to ensure minimal risk of relapse. Since there are different plans, a person can select the ideal treatment plan for them. It is advisable to undergo an assessment by a professional to ascertain the level of addiction to make the proper choice. Outpatient treatment fits a person’s schedule as you can select therapies for evenings and weekends when you are off work.


When you have the tendency of relapsing in your addiction, inpatient treatment is beneficial. Also, when you find it challenging to attend the sessions, enrolling in the drug and alcohol rehabilitation center is the best option. The outpatient option requires discipline to complete successfully. However, both options will help maintain a drug-free lifestyle. It is essential for physical and mental wellbeing.

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