A Parent’s Checklist For Children’s Oral Health

Throughout the early years of being a parent, you’re tasked with laying the groundwork for your child’s habits. That goes for every facet of their life. Monkey see, monkey do, in most cases. Though some parents may not realize it, the truth is, this means that a child’s dental hygiene habits are also a parent’s responsibility. No parent wants their child to be unhealthy in any facet of their hygiene, so beginning to teach a child the importance of their dental hygiene can bleed out into other elements of their life. By simply instructing them on how to brush their teeth, you’re opening up the world of hygiene to them. How can a parent instill these habits into their child, though? One of the most important things to remember throughout this process is to begin early. As previously mentioned, mimicking in young children is very common. Meaning sometimes it can be as simple as brushing in front of your child to encourage them to brush with you. When this appeal dies down for a child, parents should be sure to find ways to keep the brushing interesting for them, typically through some form of personalization. Allow a child to decide on their own new toothbrush or toothpaste bottle. If they’re able to display their agency through these selections, they can be more enticed by brushing. However it is that you decide to instill these habits, be sure to begin early. To learn more about the ways in which parents are integrating brushing into their child’s life, please check out the resource supported alongside this post for more information.

A Parent’s Checklist For Children’s Oral Health this resource was contributed by Natomas Crossing Dental Care, your first choice for an emergency dentist in Sacramento

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