About The Effects of SARMs

Many people are curious about the effects of SARMs on libido and whether or not they have any effect. To be as forthright as possible, the answer is yes at some point in your cycle, though it will diminish as you near the end of the cycle. Direct Sarms explain.

Most persons who take SARMs see an increase in libido at the beginning of their cycle and a decline as the cycle winds down. After that, your libido will return to normal when your body’s production of testosterone reverts to its regular rate. Post-Cycle Treatment (PCT) supplements can help prevent testosterone levels from falling too low after finishing an anabolic steroid cycle.

SARMs Boost Sexual Desire
Several studies have suggested that selective androgen receptor modulators (SARMs) may be to blame for an overall boost in libido.

Taking androgens has been shown to improve mood and libido in both sexes. SARMs cause hormonal shifts in the follicle during the initial half of the menstrual cycle, which can lead to heightened arousal and desire.

However, testosterone can decrease towards the end of a SARM cycle, leading to a decrease in libido. In addition, as the end of the cycle approaches, our natural testosterone production will drop due to the suppressive nature of all SARMs. By supplementing your cycle with a high-quality PCT, you can avoid this drop and hasten your recovery.

Without a post-cycle therapy (PCT), it may take two to four weeks for your levels to return to normal. After about 4 weeks, your libido should be back to where it was before the SARM cycle.

Finally, SARMs have been shown to both increase and decrease libido. An enhanced libido is a common side effect of the first half of a SARM cycle. Afterward, desire naturally declines as the cycle nears its finish.

You will notice that your libido has stabilised and returned to normal when you have finished your SARM cycle and your body’s natural production of testosterone has returned to its regular level. Nonetheless, it bears repeating that a good PCT can help you get there far more quickly.

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