Accessible Mental Health: How Aptihealth Is Changing the Healthcare Industry With Virtual Solutions

Struggles with mental health can manifest in our lives at any time. According to reports from the WHO, nearly 50 million Americans report that they have been affected by mental health challenges in the past year. From anxiety and depression to obsessive-compulsive disorder, our challenges mustn’t be faced alone.

Aptihealth was founded in 2017 to help empower healthcare professionals to meet the virtual marketplace’s needs better. From the rise of telehealth during the COVID-19 pandemic to our increased reliance on smartphones and personal computer devices, Aptihealth targets patients with the support they need as conveniently as possible.

How Does Mental Health Help?

While there has been a massive stigma surrounding the pursuit of mental healthcare, that stigma finally seems to be fading. As a result, more and more individuals are daring to find the care they need for their mental health. According to reports, nearly 20% of the United States population was impacted by a behavioral health issue in 2020, with Anxiety, Depression, and PTSD ranking at the top.

New York State residents can enjoy accessible mental health services from companies like Aptihepartnershich, which partners with licensed therapists and prescribers to offer a complete and personalized form of care.

Finding support for mental health can lead to a variety of benefits, including:

  • Reduce Risk of Chronic Disease – Chronic stress and anxiety can lead to many chronic diseases. Mental health services can help to offset this potential, giving individuals the power they need to find support.
  • Personal / Professional Growth – Individuals who feel held back by mental health challenges can deal with poor self-esteem and self-perception. With mental health support from Aptihealth, patients can overcome the barriers that would have otherwise prevented them from personal or professional growth.
  • Heal From Stress and Trauma – Finally, continued efforts in the mental healthcare field can yield positive results in healing from trauma or stress.

Aptihealth Is Delivering Results

With over half a decade in operation, Aptihealth has reached through and connected with countless patients along all acuities. Through their work, Aptihealth has delivered results that surveyed patients have quantified.

According to Aptihealth’s surveys, nearly 95% of patients reported that Aptihealth has worked to enhance their lives. 70% of individuals presenting depressive symptoms found a reduction in their symptoms after 60 days with a care plan in place.

Overall, 91% of patients say that Aptihealth has done an excellent job fostering positive change in their mindsets and health.

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