All That You Need to Know about Reishi Mushroom

Mushrooms are considered as one of the finest ingredients to amazing delicacies. They taste amazing and they make for a great meal. What’s more to mushrooms is- they are good for health too. While some of mushroom kinds, like shitake, button mushrooms, etc. are more popular, there are some that are more known for their health benefits than taste.

One such mushroom is Reishi mushroom. Reishi mushroom isn’t one of those kinds of mushrooms you could just order at a restaurant. They are red and woody in appearance, hard in texture, and bitter when it comes to taste. However, don’t let these features con you into not considering them good enough. Once you know their health benefits, you would want to have them in the forms they are available in.

Where does it come from?

Reishi mushrooms are said to have Chinese origin, known as Ling Zhi in the language. These are one of the herbal mushrooms, pretty much like lion’s mane mushrooms, just as good as them for health. For all the benefits that this breed of mushroom brings to the table, Reishi mushrooms are known as the “mushrooms of immortality”.

Dating back to the 200th century BC, Reishi mushrooms were strictly a part of the health regime of the Chinese royals. This was taken by the royals for extending their life and take good care of the health in the best ways. Blessed are we, since today, even common man from all over the world can experience the goodness of Reishi mushrooms; not just the Chinese or Chinese royals.

Where does it come from?

Starting off with how exactly we get Reishi mushrooms, you would find them growing on dying or already dead trees. More often, Reishi mushrooms are found growing on hemlocks than other trees. As Reishi mushrooms grow, the shininess of their color starts fading, and they assume a dull red color. This helps you figure out the age of a Reishi mushroom.

Since they originated in China, it is obvious that the climatic conditions in parts of China where they would grow is ideal for them. However, nowadays, they are grown commercially in rooms with controlled conditions, like temperature and everything, to yield the right kind of Reishi mushrooms. These are then used in different kinds of products and sold in different forms.

The much talked about benefits

Reishi mushroom helps those who are suffering from cancer and are undergoing chemotherapy. It has anti-tumor properties. Besides that, it is a great immune booster. It also helps in lowering blood pressure for people who are suffering from a high blood pressure.

If you consume Reishi mushroom on a regular basis, you would have a better immune system, lesser chances of allergies, and a better blood circulation. Another fact that can help you pick the most beneficial bunch out of the Reishi mushrooms is that- the bitterer it is, the better it is.

What forms are they available in?

Once the Reishi mushrooms are fully grown, they are dried and packed in different forms, to give people options. If you like, you can have Reishi mushrooms in the form of tea, which is quite bitter in taste. Since many people would want to have the goodness of Reishi mushroom without the bitter taste, there are other forms as well. you would find capsules of Reishi mushroom, Reishi mushroom extract, and even liquid extracts. You can find these in different health stores, food stores, and even online stores. Taking them on a regular basis, for at least a couple of months in the recommended doses would help you witness its benefits.

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