With gyms being closed almost all across the globe, home workouts have been trending. The various exercises help you to lose weight, however, no matter how much you exercise there is always this stubborn fat which gets left behind. Tummy Tuck Toronto is the way to go for you. This procedure can help you lose the stubborn fat which healthy dieting and rigorous exercise aren’t able to do for you. However, to opt for any surgical procedure there are certain conditions which need to be kept in mind which help to decide whether you are the correct candidate for the procedure or not.

Good General Health

Just like any other plastic surgery procedure you need to be generally healthy in order to undergo tummy tuck or abdominoplasty. If you are at a higher risk of getting blood clots or excessive bleeding, then you might not be suitable for undergoing this procedure. During your consultation, you will be asked about your medical history, current health picture and aesthetic goals. Make it a point, to be honest about your medical conditions as it is only to evade any possible chances of complications.

Maintaining a Stable Weight 

Many patients who are planning to undergo the procedure have lost a significant amount of weight. As a result of which they have been left behind with stretched skin and separate abdominal muscles. In case you still have weight to lose, then you should do it before undergoing the surgery. It is crucial that you maintain a stable weight for at least a couple of months to get the best result possible from the procedure.

Pre and Post Surgical Care instructions

Once you have made up your mind to undergo the procedure, the surgeon will give you a list of instructions that you need to follow before and after the procedure for a smooth recovery. You will be made to wear a compression garment right after the procedure which will not only provide support to the abdomen while it heals but will also help to reduce the swelling. As you will be prescribed pain medication, you must make note of the fact that consumption of alcohol while on pain medication could be lethal. At least four weeks before the surgery you would be asked to stop consumption of nicotine, as it can severely hamper the body’s ability to heal.

Having Realistic Expectations

During the consultation make sure that you are completely honest with the surgeon about the expectations that you have from the procedure. You should be mentally prepared that it will take about a couple of weeks to start seeing the final results of the procedure. You may experience some tightness and discomfort.

Book your appointment

Once you’ve deiced to undergo the procedure, book your appointment with Dr Romy and Dr Golger. During the consultation, they will tell you what the procedure can do for you and whether you are the perfect candidate for it or not.

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