Benefits of morning sex

It does not matter if you’re an early bird or a night owl, there are a bunch of reasons why morning sex is a great start for your day!

If you’ve been into it, we are sure that it must have overtaken bed coffee as your first part of waking up. However, if you haven’t tried, you better try it today to get that “just-left-the-spa” glow!

This guide speaks about the 5 top benefits of morning sex.

●       Your body is in a get-set-go mood

The early morning hours are perfect for getting intimate because your body stays ready for it. As the testosterone levels and the estrogen levels are at their peak at this hour, you feel friskier. Studies say that your libido gets a major impact on your hormone levels. Therefore, it’s always better to strike the iron while it’s hot!

●       Release of Endorphins

Morning sex has great benefits that include the release of endorphins. Endorphins play a major role in boosting your mood. This is another reason why you feel happy and relaxed once you have climaxed. Who won’t love to start their day with a chipper attitude?

●       No. 1 Stress reliever

Undoubtedly, sex plays a major role in uplifting your mood. Studies say that if you get laid early in the morning, you can reduce bundles of stress hormone levels. This automatically means that you can set a brilliant mood for the day ahead before you head over to your work.

●       A little exercise never hurts anyone!

Morning sex counts as a workout. Not to forget, sex can’t beat the benefits of running on a treadmill for hours, but it is a rewarding workout. According to research in Harvard Medical School, sex burns five calories per minute. Studies even state that a quick morning session of 30 minutes burns around 85 calories. Want to burn calories? You know the trick!

●       It is amazing for your brain

With so much stress around, your brain asks for a power boost. There are studies that state staying busy releases a mixture of neurotransmitters and hormones. However, the feel-good hormone, dopamine released by morning sex can boost the health of your brain and cognition. This makes you on the go throughout the day.

●       Natural glow-up

Well, who cares about the dewy and rosy glow that you achieve with highlighters or bronzer? If you get into morning sex at least thrice a week, your blood rushes into each part of your body, thereby making your skin glow in a tremendous amount. However, it’s not necessary thrice a week can make you feel bored. You can try different sex positions each day to kick start your day with a bang!


Apart from these, morning sex has many more benefits. It gives you more energy, more glow, and less stress. Additionally, it is great old-fashioned fun. Start your routine today to get the maximum benefits out of morning sex.

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