Biome Research and Dr. Leen Kawas: Intertwining Venture Funds and Larger Scale Focus.

A healthier future begins with what we ingest to survive the here and now. When we talk about how we are what we eat, we are being quite literal. The health and condition of our gut’s microbiome can determine a whole lot about our health, our future, and our here and now. For that reason, prominent bioscientist and venture capitalist Dr. Leen Kawas established her fund at Propel Bio Partners to reach out and find bioscientists working in the industry.

Revered for her work at Athira Pharmacy in the successful development of a leading drug candidate, Dr. Leen Kawas connected with the San Diego-based Persephone Biosciences to fund their research into infant probiotics that could potentially improve health outcomes for children and mothers alike.

To discuss her recent investment opportunities, Dr. Leen Kawas appeared on an episode of the podcast Angel Invest Boston hosted by Sal Daher.

Angel Investing and Gut Biomes

Before her work with Propel Bio Partners, Kawas served as the Co-Founder and inventor of Athira Pharma’s leading drug candidate, ATH-1017. Leading it to innovative trials in the Athira pipeline would earn her acclaim. In 2022, Kawas will establish Propel Bio Partners to begin investing in long-term catalysts for change in the industry.

Kawas said of her work with Propel Bio Partners, “We invest in both private companies and public companies where we see their significant upside and management teams and science that we believe in.”

Kawas said of her decision to begin investing in businesses like Persephone, “It’s an interesting moment for life sciences, and we have a lot of opportunities out there. We are excited about a few companies that are both in the public and the private company ecosystem.”

By partnering with Persephone, Dr. Kawas and Propel Bio Partners have thrown their hats into a ring that is replete with competition but primed for innovation.

Kawas said, “The thing that attracted us about Persephone is their scientific approach, thoughtful development plan, and an opportunity to invest in a therapeutic platform.”

Looking to the Future With Propel Bio Partners

Saying that they employed their ideal company, Dr. Kawas, and Propel Bio Partners have been overjoyed at their recent collaborations. Kawas said, “I enjoyed working with a team because they have a consumer pipeline or platform as well as a therapeutic platform.”

Continued interest in life sciences and probiotics has conjoined interest to fuel the rise of Persephone Biosciences. Kawas isn’t particularly surprised by this news, either. Kawas said, “They are laser-focused on creating and advancing their lead program in the consumer space: infant probiotics.”

Kawas went on to discuss the science-based research that Persephone is performing while focusing on creating a probiotic formula that is beneficial to mother and child alike.

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