Causes and Cure for cotton fever

Cotton fever is a common symptom and a condition that is often found in cases of drug use. Drug usage is the most commonly known reason behind cotton fever. It derives its name from the use of cotton as a filtering device.

Reasons Behind Cotton Fever

This can be a largely unsanitary medical practice. It is caused by certain toxins released through a bacterium that is commonly found in cotton plants. Cotton fever has very little clinical study and would simply have to be diagnosed by the individual. This is usually due to the illicit nature of the causing factors of cotton fever. The issue is largely the unhygienic medical practice of using needles without proper care and consideration.

This is largely due to a bacterium entering the blood that causes the symptoms. Household cotton does not hold up to the standards of medical use cotton, which is the reason why this contamination takes place. Using q-tips and cotton balls used for makeup or similar products can be a very big cause of why cotton fever happens. These are non-sterile and are easily contaminated by bacteria and other elements.

Some of the very common symptoms of cotton fever are headaches, nausea, joint pain, anxiety, shortness of breath, tachycardia, chills, shaking and so on. These can commence as soon as 15 minutes after the injection and can last for a day or two at most.


So how to get rid of cotton fever? This is not a condition that needs too much concern as it simply goes over in a day, however if the symptoms persist for an extended period of time, getting checked with a doctor would be wise. In regards to treatment, any antipyretic that can be used to cure flu or similar fevers can also function here. Soaking in warm baths can also help in the process of dealing with a cotton fever.

Cotton fever is indicative of the issue of drug abuse, and this is certainly something to be concerned about, and keep into consideration.

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