A scrub suit made of a loose top and pants is the standard working uniform for medical practitioners. Medical scrubs play many roles, including protecting the wearer from contamination, providing more mobility, comfort and making medical personnel identifiable.

Different hospitals have regulations regarding specific colors, cut, and fits to ensure uniformity in the workplace. But in some hospitals, healthcare practitioners are allowed to wear medical scrubs of their choice. Here are some hints to follow when purchasing medical scrubs.


It is best to buy quality medical scrubs, even if it means spending more. Do not overlook quality just because you have discovered cheap pairs at a shop. You cannot afford to bear with linty scrubs or scrubs with faded colors or stitches coming out. It is even better to get one pair from a quality manufacturer than three bad pairs of medical scrubs.

The neck cut

Medical scrubs come in different neck cuts, including the V-neck, mock wrap, round, and square. There is nothing wrong with buying scrubs of different neck cuts as long as they fit well around the neck. As long as your hospital allows it, experiment with varying neck cuts to find one that suits you best.

Chest pocket or no chest pocket

Depending on your job, you may opt for medical scrubs with a chest pocket for putting essential items during work. On the other hand, a chest pocket is unnecessary if loading the pocket puts some distress on your neck and shoulders. Male medical workers prefer scrubs with chest pockets for putting a pen or cell phone slots.

White or colored

White is one of the preferable colors because it reflects doctors. A white medical scrub looks meticulous and certainly goes along with the profession. But if your work area exposes you to many stains, dark-colored scrubs are suitable as they hold stains much better than light-colored ones. Also, dark colors suit plus-size individuals due to their ability to conceal size, while bright colors suit petite individuals. You can also choose trendy colors as you wish.

Long or short tops

If you are bottom-heavy, it is best to choose medical scrubs with a long top that skims over your hips. Remember that long tops suit tall individuals while short ones suit short individuals. Feel free to adjust the medical scrub to suit your height whenever you wish to make you feel good while working.

Plain vs. embroidered

Wearing custom apparel when working makes you identifiable to other employees and patients. You can have a name embroidered on the medical scrub on the side of your top to make you unique, and you can also put your embroidered initials on one side of the sleeve.

Side slits

A medical scrub top with side slits allows more movement, provides air and makes you more comfortable. But if the top is short, side slits will expose some part of your waist. In that case, you need one without side slits. Also, if your pants have pockets, side slits make it easier to reach the pockets.


Buying your medical scrubs from a quality manufacturer is always worth it in the long run.

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