Dental Emergencies in Children

Children are more prone to dental accidents due to their energetic lifestyles. Dental trauma can happen as the result of a sports injury, or it could occur from an oral health issue that goes on too long. As a parent, there is nothing more upsetting than seeing your child bleeding or in pain. Knowing how to handle a dental emergency before one happens helps you stay calm and make the right decisions.

Try to Save a Knocked Out Tooth

One or several teeth can be knocked out if your child receives a major blow to their mouth. If your child loses a permanent tooth, then taking prompt action can save it. Once you locate the tooth, you can use a special preservative solution or glass of milk to keep the pulp hydrated until you visit a pediatric dentist. If your child loses a baby tooth, you can still bring it in. The dentist will use this to make sure there are not any pieces left in your child’s mouth that could cause an infection.

Help With a Tooth Fracture
Sometimes, a tooth develops a crack without falling completely out. For a cracked tooth, you may want to give your child your preferred over-the-counter pain reliever if they are uncomfortable before they go to the kids dentist. They might also need to avoid eating or drinking anything that is very hot or cold since this could irritate the underlying dentin and nerve.

Slow Bleeding From a Laceration

Dental emergencies can also involve the soft tissues in your child’s mouth. For instance, your child might bite their tongue or inner cheeks if they experience a hard fall. Bleeding from the mouth can often be profuse, even from a small cut. Have your child rinse their mouth with warm water to clear the blood so that you can see the area that is injured. If the bleeding continues for more than a few minutes or you notice a major laceration, then visit the kids dentist as soon as possible.

Recognize the Signs of a Dental Infection

Regular visits to the pediatric dentist help to prevent infections. However, there are times when an infection can develop without having any warning. Severe pain that your child might describe as throbbing can occur. Children who are unable to speak well yet might also refuse to eat or cry without any obvious cause. A dental infection can cause a painful bump called an abscess to develop on the gums, which might be visible if you check in their mouth.

Know How to Treat Pain and Swelling

The most important thing that you can do as a parent is help your child to feel more comfortable while you get them to the pediatric dentist. Pain and swelling can be treated with medications along with cold compresses that you place along the jawline. As you perform first aid, try to remain as calm as possible so that your child responds to your cues that everything will be okay.

The best way to prepare for a dental emergency is to make sure that your child has established a good relationship with their dentist. At Adaven Children’s Dentistry, our team specializes in providing gentle dental care that keeps children calm in any situation. Make sure to keep our office number handy so that we can get your child into our office as soon as possible after an oral injury.

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