Do you want to stay in the US after graduation? Do you have legal status?

It’s time to go to the graduation season. Many international students are excited and confused about what to do after graduation.

First you need to pay attention to your legal identity. For example, if you are in a university in New York and you want to practice in New York(also known as 纽约实习), you must first apply for OPT. OPT, Optional Practical Training, is an internship period after graduation for the F1 Students. F1 visa students can have one year of Optional Practical Training time after graduation, or OPT for short. During this time, you have a work permit and can find a job in New York(also known as纽约找工作), but you are required to do something related to your major. If an international student has not applied for OPT within 60 days of graduation, he or she must leave the United States.

After the expiration of OPT, you will need to apply for another reasonable identity. The first thing that comes to mind for many students is the application for a green card,but the study agent(also known as留学中介) may tell you that the green card has a long schedule(also known as绿卡排期) and the requirements are very strict and difficult to get. You can try applying for an h1b visa or an o1 visa(also known as o1签证), which is much easier than applying for a green card. But the h1b lottery (also known as h1b抽签)is random and does not necessarily win.

The h1b visa is the most important type of work visa in the United States. It is a non-immigrant visa for foreign employees with professional skills who are employed by US companies. Holders of H1B visas can work in the United States for three years, and then can be extended for another three years. If the identity of the visa holder has not changed after the expiration of 6 years, they must leave the United States.

The O1 visa is issued by the United States for people who has outstanding talents in science, art, education, business or sports. Compared to the h1b visa, the o1 visa will be more difficult, but there is no lottery, and if the conditions are met, the deadline can be extended indefinitely on a yearly basis.

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