Does The Dermaroller Help To Regrow Your Hair?

Dermarollers comprise small cylinders with medical-grade needles. The length of needles varies from 0.5 mm to 1.5 mm. They are initially developed to treat acne scars. According to the findings of scientists, it causes micro holes in your skin’s outer layers. Collagen is produced when your skin tries to heal itself. It is the building material for connective tissues in your skin and also in hair follicles lining. Therefore, micro-needling using a dermaroller promotes hair growth and increases the volume of hair.

Impressive hair growth results in 12 weeks

Dermaroller having a needle length of 0.5 mm is recommended for micro-needling on your scalp to improve hair growth and enjoy the volume of natural hair in just 12 weeks. Therefore, it is one of the best derma rollers for hair loss treatment at home. It is less invasive. You can either seek the help of a dermatologist to regrow your hair or get trained to treat hair loss at home.

Why is collagen necessary to grow your hair?

Collagen is found in abundant quantities in mammals. It accounts for 35% of the protein content in their bodies. Collagen contains amino acids. It is commonly found in skin, ligaments, and tendons. It is also present around hair follicles bulbs. It is thickened around the roots of your hair and supports the growth of new hair on your scalp.

Working of dermarollers for hair growth

You need to cleanse your hair. It is suggested to apply numbing cream on the area where you want to do micro-needling using a dermaroller. You need to clean the dermaroller by spraying isopropyl alcohol before the micro-needling process.

You need to roll the dermaroller in vertical, horizontal, and diagonal directions repeatedly for 10 to 15 minutes. It makes micro holes on your scalp. It also boosts blood flow. In this process, collagen is produced and helps to stimulate hair growth. You need to apply antibacterial cream after each session. It is suggested to repeat the micro-needling process every two weeks to grow your hair naturally.

Who can choose dermarollers for hair growth?

Both males and females can opt for a micro-needling process using a dermaroller purchased from a reputed online store. The dermaroller should hold 192 medical-grade needles to safely make micro holes and provide effective treatment for hair loss at home. The popularity of dermarollers increased because of safety and excellent hair growth results in a short period.

Your scalp also absorbs essential nutrients for hair growth during the healing process. Therefore, micro-needling using a 0.5 mm dermaroller provides impressive results. Moreover, it is safe to regrow your hair. Both females and males with thin hair or bald head can choose this technique to enjoy the full volume of natural hair and improve their natural look and sheen.

Micro-needling is not recommended for pregnant women. Also, people with open wounds and a history of eczema and acne are advised not to use a dermaroller. It is also not recommended for people suffering from diabetes. People, who are on medicines for blood thinning, need to consult their physicians before choosing micro-needling to promote hair growth.

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