Dr. Frank Roach Discusses New Equipment at His Atlanta Dentistry

Dr. Frank Roach Atlanta dentistry has equipped its facilities with a Cerec Omnicam for creating digital impressions: Those looking for a crown or similar type of dental work will greatly appreciate this advance in technology, which yields better and faster results.

According to Dr. Frank Roach Atlanta’s center, these are the key benefits of the Omnicam equipment and why they are such a better fit for patients looking for extensive work.

Fast, In-House Results

The Cerec Omnicam is designed to provide reliable scans of teeth during a visit to the dentist. These scans can be used to create 3D plans for molding, crowns, and various types of repairs, providing the exact measurements that dentists need to make the right materials.

With the proper technology, like that found in Dr. Frank Roach Atlanta dentistry, the scanned information can be used to create crowns immediately at the dentist’s office. That means that patients can often receive their crowns the same day or revisit the office the following day on a schedule that works best for them. There’s no longer a need to wait an extended period of time to have crowns applied, and there’s no need for temporary fittings while waiting for the final product. This can decrease costs and time investment for patients at Dr. Frank Roach Atlanta dentistry.

Easy Hand-Held Technology

The Omnicam is designed to work with a handheld scanner that a trained technician holds and positions around a patient’s mouth to take the scan. This option, offered by Dr. Frank Roach Atlanta dentistry, is far superior to previous methods. Older options required patients to bite into impression molds and hold for a period of time, which was messy and not always accurate, sometimes requiring repeats of the process—other methods required powder coatings applied to the teeth, which took time and was not comfortable.

Versatile, Patient-Friendly Processes

The handheld scanner that the Omnicam uses also has other advantages. In Dr. Frank Roach Atlanta dentistry, the technician can reposition and re-scan as necessary, so the patient doesn’t have to feel uncomfortable staying still during scans. If necessary, the technician can also pause the scan and allow the patient to rest if they are getting tired. The scan will still retain all important data so it can be quickly resumed and finished – and no special coatings or powders are required.

Excellent Color Analysis

The scanner creates a highly detailed 3D model of teeth that include more information than just dimensions. At Dr. Frank Roach Atlanta dentistry, the Omnicam also proves shade and color analysis. This allows the dentist to create a much more life-like, realistic crown, or veneer that matches the patient’s teeth’ current color. As a result, smiles look more natural, and getting used to the addition is easier for patients afterward.

Recording Video

At Dr. Frank Roach Atlanta dentistry, the dentist can also record short video clips of the scan’s process. This allows the dentist to show the patient-specific issues, concerns, or challenges in creating the 3D model. Patients appreciate this extra information and come away with a better understanding of the process.

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