Drug Addiction Rehab for Teenagers

Adolescence is a difficult phase, and teens need specialized treatment for their addiction recovery. You can find drug addiction rehab California that caters to the adolescent population. These inpatient rehabilitation centres treat substance abuse according to different demographics in unique ways.

Indications for teenage drug use

While many factors may account for introducing drugs into a person’s life, a pattern is found over a particular demographic. Your teen may have found new friends while distancing themselves from family and close ones. They may skip school, alter their appetite, neglect their appearance, and change their behaviour around people. The signs start prevailing as a negative impact on the body and mind. It is best to consult medical professionals and doctors to chalk out a treatment plan to tackle the problem.

How does specialized treatment work for teenagers?

Teens feel more comfortable in an environment comprising of others from their age group. Reports from 2016 indicate around 180,000 adolescents received treatment for substance abuse. Teenage rehab centres develop strategies and plan to treat their patients individually.

The treatment programs combine different techniques to develop an approach suited to the younger population. Teenagers are exposed to drugs, usually from peers, and repeatedly consume the substances. Some standard adolescent addiction treatment program procedures include –

  • Individual and group therapy through motivational interviewing, cognitive behavioral therapy, contingency management, etc
  • 12-step program
  • Medications (targeted at controlling withdrawal and temptations)
  • Family therapy

Finding treatment for teenage drug abuse

Parents should start with the National Institute on Drug Abuse, or NIDA’s list of doctors, counsellors, and treatment providers. You can narrow down whether your teen is a victim of substance abuse or not. Once you confirm it, professionals can assess the severity and nature of the problem. Accordingly, they can work out a treatment approach with you.

Depending on the case, treatment can also happen through outpatient therapy at ahcccs drug rehab az Higher-level outpatient programs include partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient programs (IOP).

Inpatient rehab centres develop a schedule and programs based on your teen’s individual needs. NIDA suggests 90 days may not suffice for optimum recovery. Treatment may last longer for better results. The treatment follows a procedure and protocol.

Teens stay in a protected environment, with no exposure to outside influences and temptations. They develop coping mechanisms and learn the adverse effects of drugs on their body and mind. Successful recovery means they can control their desires and stray away from any drug consumption.

You can find publicly-funded rehabs across the country. However, they often have a lengthy waiting list. Private centres are expensive. However, you can cover the costs of using insurance. Facilities also provide loan options or scholarships for the treatment.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Addiction heavily affects the brain. Hence, teenagers develop mental health issues, like depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, etc. Rehab centres provide special treatment for substance abuse as well as mental health.

Look for the best treatment

You can find numerous drug rehab centres in California. The best facilities focus on providing a comprehensive recovery for your teen. Please enquire about the types of treatment available at a centre and how they conduct assessments. You can help your teen with early intervention and prevent long-term damage from their habits.

Always reach out to your close ones and help them recover. Receiving timely help can save families and the future.

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