Efforts by Phosphorus to Fight the COVID-19 Crisis

Phosphorus aims to understand and harness the human genome’s power to improve human health. They are improving access and quality of care in genomics with their superior, comprehensive, and affordable genetic tests portfolio. Phosphorus Genomics currently offers constitutional, panel-based testing for fertility, lipodology, cardiology, neurology, oncology, metabolic disorders, pediatric illnesses, ophthalmology, and pharmacogenetics. It also provides the PhosphorusONE proactive health screen, which is the most extensive genomic test available, which offers a proactive examination of your health. The Elements platform allows on-premises deployment of Phosphorus genetic tests. The company has reoriented its operations to focus on the pandemic in order to deliver a comprehensive genomics experience and sensitive testing methods to help with the crisis.

In-Home COVID-19 Testing

Phosphorus has created two COVID-19 tests that can be delivered to people using the company’s in-home provider testing service. This service is available online and is administered by an authorized healthcare provider. The company is providing two tests, a viral test for detecting current infections as well as an antibody test for determining past and recent infections.

The viral test is saliva-based, which is simpler than the prevalent swab-based tests and antibody-detecting blood tests. Both tests are critical for understanding and containing COVID-19 and increase the chances of resuming our everyday lives. The company is taking steps to improve the accessibility of COVID-19 testing by developing tests that are delivered directly to people’s homes and by ensuring the safety of the healthcare workers who administer these tests.

Phosphorus has strict testing standards and protocols to generate reliable and accurate results. Besides complying with the requirements issued by the United States Federal Drug Administration for clinical studies, the company is in complete compliance with the FDA’s COVID-19 Diagnostic Tests guidelines. Phosphorus runs a CAP and CLIA-licensed and certified laboratory.

Partnership With Albertsons Companies

Phosphorus Diagnostics has partnered with Albertsons Companies to offer COVID-19 at-home test kits in particular markets, with plans expected to expand throughout September and October. Albertsons Cos. piloted the test kits in Boise, Houston, and Austin markets and the move saw rapid use and appreciation from patients because of its innovativeness and convenience. Saliva tests usually produce results in 72 hours or fewer after the laboratory receives the test.

The saliva test is comfortable, accessible, and easy to use, and patients can reach Albertsons Cos. with a phone call. The at-home tests ease the stress on our already overburdened healthcare system and improve our chances of containing the pandemic.

Patients can take the test by filling out a brief online questionnaire found at, then the Albertsons Cos. pharmacy will contact the patient to schedule a delivery or pickup. Patients who are displaying symptoms of COVID-19 are not permitted to pick up their test kits, so they can instead select the delivery option or send someone to pick up the test. Once you collect the saliva sample and send it to the lab, you will receive the results through text or email.

Albertsons Cos. cannot bill your insurance provider directly, but you can pay for the test out of pocket then seek reimbursement from your insurance company later. You can contact Albertsons Cos. for inquiries about follow-up care.

Partnership With the Citizen App

The Citizen app helps people to locate COVID-19 testing centers, track their symptoms, and learn about how to detect potential exposure using Phosphorus test results. The app is accessible on Android and iOS and includes SafePass, which can help you track likely exposure, including where and when you were exposed. SafePass can also track whether you came into contact with a person that later got a positive test for the virus. For the next three months, people who are informed of possible infection will receive complimentary testing through the partnership between Citizen and Phosphorus.

Alex Bisignano co-founded Phosphorus in 2016. It is a New York-based science firm that focuses on utilizing genomics to improve human health. Bisignano brought together the greatest minds to Phosphorus to create technologies designed to prevent genetic diseases.

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