eSign solutions help healthcare professionals go paperless

eSignature solutions can lead to the automation of processes in the healthcare industry and reduce delays in paperwork when it comes to areas of critical medical attention. It can minimize errors due to manual data entry and loss of documents. Staff time can be used better, and they can focus more on patients’ medical problems. They also help safeguard document security and patients’ privacy with their compliance with laws and regulations.

How can the healthcare industry go paperless:

●      Online scheduling of appointments

Hospitals and clinics can schedule appointments with doctors online via applications or websites. Customized applications and websites can also be developed with additional features such as patient reminders, options for cancellation and rescheduling, and many more.

●      Electronic medical records

Hospitals and clinics can use many applications to store patients’ medical records electronically. SAP Clinical Task Tracker is one application that allows tracking patient medical data and maintaining EMRs.

●      eSignatures

In almost all hospitals, patients’ records, discharge papers, and insurance documents are printed on paper, and signatures on these are also made physically. Using eSignatures allows these documents and records to be authorized electronically, reducing overall costs.

Benefits of going paperless

1. Cut costs

As per studies, it is seen that if hospitals shift from paper to electronic modes, they can expect a 57 percent increase in user adoption rate and at least a 50 percent decrease in overall costs in about three months.

2. Increase in efficiency of staff

If hospitals adopt a paperless system, the staff need not do the tedious and repetitive paperwork. This helps in cutting down on the unnecessary wastage of time. The staff can focus this time saved on more critical tasks.

3. Easy to maintain

Storing physical records and other paperwork requires a lot of investment in terms of furniture, cabinets, and shelves. Storing medical information digitally and securely is a viable option since the investment is less, and quality shall never deteriorate as well.

4. Environmental Benefits

Reducing the use of paper shall help in having a favorable impact on carbon footprint as well. Being a part of the healthcare industry, hospitals should ensure they digitalize their processes and take a positive step toward society at large.

Benefits of using eSignature solutions in the healthcare industry

The healthcare industry is heavily understaffed. Further, the existing staff must spend much time on tedious and repetitive paperwork rather than assisting patients. Digitalization and automation are required to be implemented in healthcare firms to improve and streamline their existing processes. eSignature is one of how the healthcare industry can take a positive step toward automation.

  • Contactless signing helps to keep staff and patients healthy – Since COVID, it has become a mandate for business to conduct their affairs at a safe distance to ensure better health for all their stakeholders. Takings signatures online help staff and patients validate documents without contact and eliminate the need for personal signature collection.
  • No more wastage of time on paperwork – Physicians, nurses, and staff spend a lot of their valuable time filling out paperwork. Going paperless helps to expedite these tedious tasks and further ensures the safety of medical data as well.
  • Compliance with key regulations – Data security and governance are the critical factors due to which most industries do not prefer to digitalize. But eSignatures are compliant with regulations such as HIPAA, SOC 2, and GDPR and thereby are a safe and secure way of digitalization.
  • Access important data from anywhere – Storage of important medical data securely on clouds ensure their safety and allows for them to be accessed from anywhere and at any time.
  • Improved patient experience – Digitization of documentation ensures that patients have a better experience since their waiting times and delays are significantly reduced. Forms can be signed online by patients as well as hospital staff, even from their homes.


As per the new normal, going paperless and digitalization are essential in all industries and sectors. This is of utmost importance in the healthcare sector since hospitals and clinics are most vulnerable to diseases and infections. Digital processes and eSignatures are some of the ways in which healthcare firms can streamline their processes and benefit their staff and their patients. This is the future of healthcare, and all firms should consider them to survive in this dynamic and digital world with ease.

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