Everything You Need To Know About Side Effects Of Hair Transplant

The main purpose of hair transplant is to add up more hairs to the area which is falling short of hairs or is close to the stage of balding. The process of hair transplant is simple. Surgeons pick up some hairs from the areas which are thicker parts of the scalp and adjust them to the balding section of the scalp.

Many people choose to avoid taking hair transplant treatment. Why? Because they believe that these are either not good for health or they are not a lasting treatment. Well, sometimes, the treatment stays for a longer period with good results whereas sometimes it fails and just does not stay even for a month. This might be due to different reasons.

Hair transplant is undertaken by the ones who are suffering from frequent hair loss. Although the treatment received a huge success rate there are some side effects that you must know before undergoing the treatment.

Today in this blog, we are going to uncover some side effects of hair transplant treatment so that you know it’s either side before undertaking it. Let’s begin.

Some side effects of hair transplant!

1.     Swelling

One main side effect of hair transplantation treatment is swelling in the scalp area of the head. This is one of the major problems witnessed in most of the patients of hair transplanting. This occurs when there’s some dirt or dust in the scalp area of the head and hence this might cause other complications as well. Hence, make sure that your head is clean and is not prone to any kind of dirtiness before or after the treatment is done.

2.     Itchiness

Itchiness is one of the most common side effects in the ones who are undergoing hair transplant treatment. Well, the main reason behind itchiness is the formation of scabs at the transplant site and the very subtle way to treat this itchiness is by spraying the scalp with clean water and rinsing it with shampoo frequently. You must take good care of your scalp at least in the very first week of your surgery so that you do not contact any of these side effects. However, this itchiness will vanish away after a few days.

3.     Frequent pain in the scalp

Hair transplantation is a surgical process and hence it involves two treatments as FUE and FUT. Both of these treatments are painless as the surgeons make use of anesthesia before beginning the procedure. But after the effect of anesthesia gets over you might feel a little pain in your scalp area. You may take some antibiotics if the pain is bearable. But if it is unbearable, you should see your doctor. He or she would prescribe some painkillers which will help you heal quickly.

4.     Hair shedding

Whenever you hear about hair transplants, you probably would think about hair growth and hair thickness. But do you know the reality? It is that you would have to deal with falls first and this process is known as hair shedding. However, this is a normal process after transplantation.

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