Exercise your way to better sex

Your gym membership is also going to waste? You’d rather sleep a little more than go for a morning run? Even the idea of exercise exhausts you? We get it!

Exercise does not come easy to everyone. It is tough, getting your body in the uncomfortable spot. However, it is pertinent that we realize that not getting sufficient exercise is a disservice to our bodies, as exercise offers a lot of benefits for our health. It is required by our physical body, for improved muscle mass and stronger bones.

Similarly, exercise improves longevity. It also helps in destressing. It aids in the release of the good chemicals, endorphins, that not only promote the feeling of happiness in the body but also help in countering the stress hormone, cortisol.

Chronic stress is extremely bad for the body; alongside jeopardizing mental health, it impairs physical health, and can potentially cause problems like erectile dysfunction, which then require treatment from the Best Sexologist in Lahore.

Perhaps the most surprising impact of exercise is on improved sex life.

Benefits of exercise for sex life

Sex is a primal human need and involves the brain, mind, and body, which is why it is affected by a wide range of variables. Exercise, on the other hand, caters to all three, therefore helping you improve your sex life, especially when it is undergoing some downtime or is not as exciting as you’d like it to be.

Body image

Many of us suffer from body image issues, especially when falling on the overweight side. Exacerbated due to the culture of having the perfect body, the problem of poor body image also then affects the sex life.

It can make people feel so conscious, that they forget to enjoy sex; some might not even want to have it due to the fear that their partner might discover their stomach rolls. It can also morph into low libido and sexual dysfunction.

Exercise helps to target it by promoting healthy bodies and helping you feel ‘sexy’. There is also the psychological impact of exercise; you might start to perceive yourself as attractive, which naturally plays an important role in your sex life.

Mental health

Exercise helps in improving the symptoms of anxiety and stress in the body and thus helps in remedying sexual problems caused due to such mental health issues.

Arousal in women

According to research, exercise can help in short- and long-term arousal in women. It does so by improving cardiovascular health as well as mood, which then has an impact on the sexual health of women.

Exercise also has an impact on the nervous system, as well as hormones. The cumulative effect of all these factors then helps in the arousal of women, which is pertinent, since the sexual needs of women do not get as much attention or care for that matter.

Menopause symptoms

During menopause, a state that marks the end of female fertility, estrogen levels decrease in the female body. Consequently, they suffer from a host of problems, sexual health being one.

Menopause affects libido, causing vaginal dryness, night sweats, and hot flashes, basically everything that can put women off sex.

Exercise, specifically the pelvic floor, and mind-body ones are good for improving these symptoms of menopause and can potentially help women in improving their sex life as well.

Erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is when men are unable to maintain their erection long enough for penetrative sex or are not able to get erect to begin with. This state may be due to physical problems, poor blood circulation to the penis due to heart disease, hypertension, and obesity.

Exercise, on the other hand, helps in improving the symptoms of these conditions, and thus, facilitates in improving the sex life.

However, there are other factors that can also influence ED, and in such cases, you should visit the Best Sexologist in Karachi.

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