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Safe and protected sex is the best kind, isn’t it? But is that what condoms are limited to? Well, the answer is no. Gone are the days when condoms were used solely as contraceptives or to prevent STDs.People today want much more, and they are getting it too.

People with active sex life love to have some variety and spice in the bed. The same old does get boring after a while, doesn’t it? That’s where Durex has decided to do its bit.

The brand has almost always been famous for its wide range of condoms it offers. Trust them to come up with something different, unique, and attractive. In this blog, we are going to take a look at the top condom types offered by the brand.

  • Non-Latex- Forget Allergies 
    • Latex is a kind of rubber that is usually used to manufacture condoms (among other things). But some people are allergic to this material. Instead of taking the risk, you can try the non-latex variant that does the same job. Moreover, these have been crafted specially to increase sensitivity for increased pleasure. That’s a double bonus, right?
  • Extra Protection- Stay Safe Always 
    • Are you worried about tearing the condom when using it? It does happen, but can be avoided by using the thicker and extra safe condoms that have also been lubricated to increase pleasure. These are easier to wear. At no point, you have to worry about the unwanted side effects of tearing a condom.
  • Flavored- Vanilla or Berries?  
    • Flavored condoms have special fan bases across the world. That’s because these types of condoms are the best choice for oral sex. From vanilla (thinking of 50 shades, anyone?) to berries to apple and bubblegum, the brand offers a delicious range of flavored condoms to try.
  • Thin- Almost Invisible  
    • One common complaint about condoms is that they don’t give the same feeling they get when they don’t use one. Here’s a solution. The Invisible variant by Durex is an ultra-thin version of the regular one. It is 20% less thin compare to other variants. That means you get to enjoy the feeling of greater intimacy without compromising on protection.
  • Textured- Ribbed and Dotted for More Pleasure 
    • The texture of the condom is important, right? Wonder why it wasn’t given much thought until lately. The brand has, of course, released extra ribbed and dotted condoms that are meant to increase the pleasure of your lady and you.
  • Multi Climax and Extra Time
    • Instead of looking for sex tips to heighten pleasure and achieve simultaneous orgasm, why not try the multi-climax and extra-time variants? Speed it up for her, and slow it down for you. Meet at the common point for maximum pleasure.

Confused which one to try? Why not all of them? Try all and choose the one that both of you enjoyed the most. After all, satisfaction is a priority, isn’t it? Stay safe, and have fun.

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