Eye Glasses or Contact Lenses?

The decision of whether to select spectacles or contact lenses for your eyes solely depends on what you need and your preferences. Some factors that affect the decision you make include your budget, convenience, prescription, lifestyle, and aesthetics. However, before deciding, you need to weigh these two options to know which one is better than the other. Before deciding, visit a clinic like Optoplus for an eye examination. You can also buy quality eyeglasses and contact lenses there. So, contacts or spectacles? This decision is based on your lifestyle and particular needs. Here are the pros and cons of each choice to assist you with your decision.

Pros and Cons of Eyeglasses

If you are considering eyeglasses, check out the following points.


  • Eyeglasses decrease the chances of infecting or irritating the eyes through frequent touch.
  • Eyeglasses are best for people with dry and sensitive eyes. Since you don’t have to touch them, you cannot exaggerate the problem.
  • Eyeglasses come with customized frames, and you may choose what fits your style.
  • Eyeglasses are inexpensive than contact lenses. Unless you break the spectacles, there is no need to change them. Furthermore, you can keep them as long as the prescription goes and only change the lenses if need be.
  • Glasses protect your eyes from elements such as dust, debris, and wind.


  • Eyeglasses can hinder with your facial appearance and aesthetics. They can also hide beautiful features on your face.
  • If the prescription is strong, you might have to wear thick lenses that might be unattractive. Your eyes might look reduced or magnified.
  • Eyeglasses will sit about half an inch from the eyes. This can distort your vision, and you might find it hard to focus on objects.
  • Eyeglasses are susceptible to factors like fog and cold weather.
  • Some glasses can cause discomfort and headaches if they exert too much pressure on the nose and the ears.

Pros and Cons of Contact Lenses

Here are the pros and cons of contact lenses.


  • Contact lenses are curved, and this provides a wide view for your eyes. They cause less obstruction and vision distortion compared to eyeglasses.
  • Lenses cannot be affected by weather conditions like fog during the cold season. Therefore, you have a clear vision all the time.
  • Lenses have an array of colors that you can play with. This way, you can match your outfit or costume with the lenses.
  • Some of these lenses can reshape the cornea when sleeping. This way, you don’t need to wear glasses or contacts the next day.


  • Wearing contact lenses means you have to touch the inside of your eyes. This makes the eyes vulnerable to infections and irritation.
  • Many people do not know how to wear contact lenses the right way.
  • Contact lenses inhibit enough oxygen from reaching the eyes. This increases the chances of developing dry eye syndrome.
  • You must ensure proper lens care and cleaning every day to avoid eye infections. If you cannot keep up with the maintenance, you need to dispose of the lenses every day and this can be costly.

Glasses or Contacts?

After reading the above pros and cons of each choice, the decision lies with you. Choose what you like best and buy from a reputable store.

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