Hair Care For Colored Hair

Most women, even some men dye their hair. Either to cover up unwanted white hair or to make a complete makeover with a totally different hair color. Color treated hair does need extra attention than normal untreated hair. If you dye your hair, your knit isn’t cheap, so you want to make sure you use extra hair care for treated hair. This is why it’s important to take extra care of your colored hair. So how do you care for colored hair?

Whether you have platinum blonde, brunette, black, red, or even blue hair, color treated hair needs a little extra attention if you’re wanting your color to last long. Nothing is worse than spending big bucks at your hair salon for the newest trending color and then having it fade after a week due to not taking care of your locks. Trust me, I learned the hard way. Coming from someone who has lived with someone who had blue, orange, black, brunette, and my more natural color, blonde, I have had to learn a thing or two about getting color to last longer. 

When coloring hair, your cuticle layer is opened, making it easy for color to penetrate the hair shaft. When you wash your hair too soon after your appointment, the cuticle layer could still be open which then leads to your color being washed down the drain. It takes up to three days for the cuticle layer to fully close, so the longer you wait to shampoo your hair after you color your hair, the more time the color pigment will have to soak into the hair cuticle, which will help your color last longer in between salon visits. Saving you money in the process.

Though hot showers feel amazing to some, it isn’t so great for your hair color. When washing hair with hot water, your hair’s cuticle is opened, allowing your color to wash out while shampooing and conditioning. So stay away from hot showers, at least until a few days after coloring your hair.

You should also stay away from swimming pools and chlorine. Chlorine is a chemical bleaching agent that cleans pools and will definitely strip color from your hair when enjoying a sunny pool day. Blonde hair is susceptible to turning a greenish tint, while darker shades may become dull, dry out, and lose its shine. So, if you find yourself wanting to go to the pool, try a swimmer’s cap! Or, try getting your hair wet in the shower, use a conditioner, and then don’t rinse it out. This will create a barrier on the hair shaft so that the chlorine won’t penetrate.

There’s also an excellent product out in the market called K18 Peptide, which goes far beyond traditional hair repair. What seems like a miracle is actually firmly rooted in biotechnology, or biometric haircare. This scientific breakthrough reverses damage to renew hair. Making it soft, shiny, strong again, with bounce. It’s like a miracle colored hair treatment. K18 hair pep keeps hair looking good and helps prevent damage. Today, it remains the only patented peptide that penetrates hair, delivering the necessary amino acids right to the cortex where broken keratin chains are reconnected. It’s the first of its kind, where science recreates the method used by nature to repair hair. clinically proven to penetrate  the hair’s cortex to regenerate broken fibers. Hair gets its strength back with renewed bounce, shine and manageability.

See, there is hope. Anyone could get their best hair back. K18 peptides seem like it’s the best option to try, if you don’t want to follow any of the rules to make your hair color last longer. So here we went over things you should avoid to protect your colored hair. It seems that if nothing works for you, you should try the K18 peptide formula to help protect your hair or get it back from a damaged state. Whatever works for you as long as you find something that works!!! Visit us to learn more about bpc 157 for sale

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