Health Benefits of Using a Cold Pressed Juicer

Juicing is one of the most popular activities that are sweeping healthy groups. With so many options to choose from, consumers face difficulties deciding the ideal juicer for their needs. From fast juicers, cold press juicers, slow juicers, centrifugal juicers, etc, there are so many brands and types in the market to consider.

As a health-conscious individual, making the right choice for your juicer can be overwhelming. In this article, we discuss why people juice and the perks of owning a slow juicer.

Reasons to juice

Some of the most crucial benefits of juicing include:

  • Protect against disease

Juicing with various fruits and vegetables increases your nutrient intake. That, in turn, introduces minerals and vitamins into your body. These are essential to protect your body against diseases such as: high blood sugar, high blood pressure, heart diseases, digestive systems issues, and more.

Juicing, especially with vegetables, can help minimize toxins in your body along with exercise and healthy eating. The phytochemicals can dissolve free radicals in the body, which puts many people at a higher risk of infections. Juicing also prevents many diseases.

If you do not like consuming vegetables and fruits in their original state, juicing is a good idea.

  • Increased energy

Are you so dependent on coffee that you need to have a cup for energy? The good news is, juicing is a healthy alternative that will give you energy without having to rely on caffeine. Some of the juicing ingredients you can consider should contain vitamin B. These include some citrus fruits, leafy greens, ginger, beets, and more.

Juicing is a healthy, effortless, and quick way to get these essential vitamins into your body.

  • Reduce inflammation and reset your body

If you’re suffering from inflammation or pain, juicing may be a reliable supplement due to its anti-inflammatory properties. Leafy green vegetables and fruits have vitamins that nourish your body with antioxidants.

Maintaining a healthy diet consisting of fruits and vegetables helps with your inflammation. And dealing with any pain.

Also, these juices keep you refreshed and help to recharge your body through cleansing.

  • Weight loss

Did you know that incorporating healthy juices into your diet could aid in weight loss? Depending on the vegetables and fruits you’re having, it is possible to lose a few pounds since you don’t get the chance to indulge in unhealthy snacks.

If on a diet, juicing can help you remain on a calorie deficit, helping you lose a few pounds. It is also an ideal supplement for many vegetables and fruits you may be missing.

  • Increased minerals and vitamins in your diet

Juicing can provide your body with nutritious minerals and vitamins that could be missing from your diet. Minerals and vitamins help you to think, grow, work and have energy. If your body is deficient in minerals and vitamins, your body will not function at optimum.

If you do not like eating certain fruits or vegetables in their whole state, juicing and mixing them makes them more delicious. When you give your body the right minerals and vitamins, your body can function optimally.

As mentioned above, there are so many perks that come with making homemade juices. However, some people are unaware that the slow juicer you choose plays a crucial role in making your juices more nutritional and healthier.

Also known as masticating juicers, slow juicers have gained so much popularity over the years. Unlike centrifugal models and traditional juicers that use fast-spinning blades to tear apart the vegetables and fruits, slow juicers extract juice by grinding and pressing vegetables and fruits. The former removes essential nutrients from the juices leaving almost zero nutritional value. Also, slow juicers do not generate heat while extracting.

Some of the perks of owning a slow juicer include:

  1. Retains nutritional value

As mentioned above, slow juicers work by pressing and grinding fruits and vegetables. They also do not generate the kind of heat produced by traditional and centrifugal juicers. That helps to keep the fibers and nutrients as intact as possible.

With conventional juicers, so much heat gets generated to juice the fruits and vegetables. With such high-speeds spinning, all the nutrients get oxidized.

  1. Customize ingredients

Secondly, slow juicers not only save you money. But ensure that you drink nutritional and healthy juices. You enjoy versatility since you have a wide array of nutritious ingredients to juice. That includes milk, leafy greens, tofu, cruciferous vegetables, soybeans, nuts, fruits, etc.

  1. Low noise

Another perk of owning slow juicers is that they work quietly. The juicer’s AC motor works efficiently, saving you a lot of power and energy. That means that you can enjoy your cold-pressed juice any time of day without having to worry about the noise inconvenience like other traditional juicers.

  1. Yield more juice

A slow juicer comes with a unique low-speed auger. That lets you enjoy every drop of juice, unlike traditional juicers. For the same quantity of fruits and vegetables, you get more yields than conventional juicers.

  1. Easy to clean

Another benefit of owning a slow juicer is that it is effortless to clean. The juicers come with a spinning brush that rotates as you juice to clean the strainer and chamber simultaneously. That helps to reduce clogging and increase its efficiency.

If you need to do some more cleaning, the parts can be effortlessly assembled and disassembled, making cleaning a walk in the park.

  1. Stylish design

Finally, slow juicers come with unique and eye-catching designs. That lets you enjoy every step of your juicing. With the slow squeeze technology, your juice stays fresh for longer and retains its natural taste.

The best slow juicers are also made of high quality, making them more durable and stronger than traditional juicers. That allows you to juice as many times as you want without having to worry about frequent breakdowns.


As seen above, a slow juicer is not a mere fad. If you want to improve your juicing, this high-quality appliance will ensure that you get the most out of your fruits, vegetables, nuts, etc.

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