Health Tests Seniors Need To Do Every Year and It’s Important

53% of the Indian population above the age of 60 suffers from chronic illness. It is unfortunate how many people lose their lives to diseases that could’ve been cured or treated with minimal efforts.

As we age, our health starts to deteriorate rapidly- a known fact. However, a highly underrated fact is that it is possible to determine chronic diseases at an early stage and seek medical help to control it from aggravating. You might not be very careful about it but you or your loved ones may be in need of regular medical examination after crossing the age of 40.

Here’s a list of mandatory health tests that seniors must take at regular intervals to ensure optimum health even as they age further.

Sensory Tests

The seeing and hearing capacity of every human reduces in old age. Most people get bi-focal lenses by the age of 50 and hearing aid in their 70s. It is possible to detect sensory issues at an early age and get medical assistance. After the age of 40, one must get vision and hearing tests every year to examine the current condition. This will increase the chances of early detection and prevention of loss of senses later.

Blood Pressure Check

One in every three adults suffers from high blood pressure. This, of course, is the reported tally. There are several seniors who never get their blood pressure checked since its symptoms don’t show up until too late. However, early diagnosis of this disease can be a boon when it comes to controlling it. It also helps in reducing the risk of heart attack and stroke. This is why it is vital for everyone above the age of 35 to get their blood pressure checked every 6 months at least.

Periodontal Exam

Toothless grandparents look really cute but the situation is extremely inconvenient for the person facing it. It is, therefore, necessary for people above the age of 40 to visit the dentist twice a year. Get an x-ray of your jaw and teeth, gums, and throat inspected for any signs of problems. Follow excellent oral hygiene to avoid early tooth fall.

Bone Density Scan

Women, more than men, suffer from osteoporosis. However, everyone is at equal risk of suffering from decreasing bone density leading to bent bones, joint pain, weakness, etc. It is important to get a bone density scan every year soon as you hit the age of 65.


It is often said that people relive their childhood in old age. This fact holds true when it comes to getting flu shots. As unexciting as it may seem, vaccinations are necessary for old age as well. After the age of 50, talk to your doctor about the different vaccinations you may require in the coming years. It is recommended to get a tetanus booster every 10 years. You should also consider getting a pneumococcal vaccine that can protect you from various life-threatening diseases such as pneumonia, sinusitis, meningitis, etc.

Seniors are at a greater health risk than the youth. To keep them bright and healthy for longer, it is important to take these tests to protect them from severe diseases. Remember to get health insurance and also a critical illness insurance before the age of 45 so that you can keep yourself or your loved ones safe without worrying about funds.

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