How Decluttering Improves Mental Health

Mental health is integral for everyday functioning in satisfying responsibilities and maintaining positive relationships with family, friends, and colleagues. If you have so much clutter lying around your home, it can instill anxiety, depression, and guilt. Seeing the clutter can be a poisonous reminder that you have to clean up, which can make you feel overwhelmed when combined with other things on your to-do list.

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Decluttering is a Sense of Accomplishment

We all have at least one or more spaces in our homes that collect clutter. It could be a table, a tote of unorganized items that do not have a home or the top of dressers.

Taking a little bit of time to get rid of things that you no longer need can make you feel accomplished. Clutter can accumulate into larger piles and block your mind from wanting to tackle it because of how long the task could take.

There are many reasons that people may want to hold onto things even if they are no longer using them. The item may have sentimental value, or the owner may believe they need it in the future, even if they are not using it now.

However, if you have not used the item for the past six months to a year, you should donate it to a thrift store or toss it out if it’s worn out.

You Will Feel Happier in Your Environment

Seeing clutter in your environment can put a damper on your mind. You will continue to think about the extra work that you will have to do at some point in time, especially if you are surrounded by multiple clutter piles in your home.

Taking just a half hour out of your day to tackle a cluttered area of your home is a small step towards a cleaner and more organized home. Your brain will feel like there is a better-maintained order with a less cluttered environment because strategically placed items in an area can instill comfort and satisfaction

Decluttering Means Taking Command Of Your Environment

Living in a cluttered environment will cause you to feel like that stuff is taking over your home. Tackling the clutter little by little will make you feel like you are taking command of your environment.

Don’t let stuff overtake you. Be the leader of the possessions you own. Ask yourself if the item in your hand is bringing any value to your life. If it is, keep it and designate a specific place for it in your home. If it is not, then discard it or donate it to someone else that can truly use it.


Go with the mindset that while you may not need everything you own that someone else can benefit from what you do not need anymore. Declutter and repurpose to improve your mental health today!

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