How Stress Can Affect Your Overall Health

It’s clear that stress levels are soaring these days—you don’t need a psychologist to recognize it. Just driving during rush hour shows how tense everyone is, and you might even start feeling stressed yourself. Nearly 25% of Americans have reported high stress levels in the past month, which experts find alarming. Stress and anxiety not only impact our mental well-being, making us feel trapped, hopeless, or angry, but they also affect our behavior, often leading us to lash out at loved ones and perpetuating a vicious cycle of worry and more stress.

Although we typically associate stress with emotional strain, its physical effects can be severe and carry significant consequences. Stress can cause teeth grinding at night, resulting in tooth pain and weakened enamel.  Financial problems or family disputes can trigger chronic headaches or digestive issues. One of the most dangerous aspects of stress is its potential to cause us to neglect our physical health, which can lead to overeating or substance abuse.

Stress affects more than just our mood—it also damages our overall health. For example, chronic stress can lead to serious dental issues, requiring frequent trips to a dentist in McLean, VA for those in that area. If you think stress only impacts your mindset, think again. Be sure to check out the accompanying guide to understand how stress and anxiety can significantly affect your body and overall health.

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