How to Help Yourself Have Enjoyable Sex Life

You’re not alone if you’re caught in a sexual drain.  Chances are it’s because you’ve been using the same old tried and true method on yourself or your spouse for a long time.

Perhaps it’s because you or your spouse is uncomfortable down there, and the subject is too embarrassing to bring up, so it’s been swept under the rug.

We’ve got you covered, whatever the cause. Here are 5 sex tips to help you and your spouse have a more enjoyable sex life.

  1. Learn More About Yourself.

There are a plethora of fantastic self-help publications accessible for any sexual difficulty.

Explore the internet, read books, or see a sex counselor

Take a sex lesson, either alone or with your partner, and practice over the holiday. You’d learn about various sex positions, techniques, and toys in a pleasant setting, which may open up a whole new world of sex play for you.

  1. Take Care Of Your Sexual Aversion.

Lubrication—or, more specifically, its absence—is the most common cause of sexual discomfort.

Vaginal dryness can be a pain for both partners, and it can be caused by underlying issues such as perimenopause. Instead of being dissatisfied with foreplay that has no effects, you might consider applying lubricant.

Condom use—specifically, the use of the improper sort of condom—is another major cause of a sexual rut. The days of simply having one sort of condom are long gone. There are a dozen different types of condoms on the market now, ranging from flavored to super thin to ribbed. It’s time to browse the condom section at your pharmacist for a refresh.

  • Seek Your Inner Needs

Stress and a hectic lifestyle come with many factors that decrease your libido, thereby affecting your sexual intimacy, even with yourself.

Sometimes you need to tap into yourself. Browse through erotica, have a romantic session with yourself, pamper yourself and take time to pleasure yourself.

The simple act of paying attention to yourself can get your sexual life back on track.

  • Re-Discover Your Sexual Fantasies

What worked for you five years back might not give you the same pleasure anymore. That is why it is important to be vocal about your ever changing fantasies- and that of your partner too.

What you and your partner desire may be entirely different, so the key to pleasure is vocal in bed.

  • Strengthen Your Intimacy

Improving your closeness with your spouse might be the key to having a more pleasant sex life.

The greatest way to achieve it is to do something as a couple. This may be as easy as going for a stroll or cooking with your partner.

Better yet, engage in high-intensity activities that release Dopamine and other happy bonding hormones.


So there you have it. Getting out of a sexual rut is as simple as changing a condom. It’s time to restart your dull sex life as soon as possible!

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