How to Stay Healthy and Safe During the Winter Season

Mathematically said, laziness is inversely proportional to temperature. Simply put colder the weather, the lazier we become. It is nearly impossible to follow a proper workout routine in winters but staying healthy is a must. Plus winter is the prime time for catching flu and other diseases, hence staying safe and building a proper immune system is impeccable.

Winter is the season of festivals and merriments. So, staying fit and safe is very crucial else you miss out on the fun.

Here are some tips you should follow to enjoy this beautiful season without any extra headaches.

Prevention is better than cure

It is found that getting a flu shot reduces your chances of catching it nearly to half. Try getting one during the weather changing period.

Hygiene is a must

Pathogens bloom at low temperatures so, make sure that you maintain your hygiene. Wash your hands, wear gloves, and also don’t keep a sanitizer handy.

Go Green (Or even colorful)

Increase your organic intake. Eat loads of fruits and vegetables especially the ones with Vitamin C like gooseberries or any citrus fruit. Maintain a balanced diet and try adding Omega-3,6 fatty acids.

Moisturize, Moisturize and Moisturize

Winters usually dries up your skin. Drinking plenty of water will keep you and your skin hydrated. Also do not forget to lather your skin with cold creams, moisturizers, and other essential oils.

Get your Beauty Sleep

The lack of humidity and the warm comfort of the blanket is just the perfect combination to sleep longer and retaliate back to the usual sleep pattern. Make sure to get at least 8 hours off every day.

Shed those Extra Pounds

It is natural to feel lethargic during the cold season but stick to your workout regime. A minimum of 30 minutes of exercise is required to keep your body active.

Added Bonus: working out will give a boost of ‘happy hormones’.

Meditate and Relax

Find a quiet place and focus on emptying your mind. This will make you feel liberated and release the tension. Meditation helps you feel relaxed and stress-free.


The winter season may induce a sense of loneliness and anxiety. Try catching up with old friends and family. Also basking in the sun helps wonderfully in migraines.

Cheating is a Good Idea

A little alcohol consumption once in a while can actually prove beneficial. Brandy or Whiskey keeps you warm and prevents the effects of low temperatures.

Take a Break

Go on a holiday, Plan a vacation. Getting away from the routine will actually help you to get rid of the winter blues and charge you up for the upcoming hustles.

Most of these tips are very helpful if implemented in daily lifestyle pattern. Developing a healthy lifestyle and improving your wellbeing during the winter will help you in the long run. Remind yourself every day that you want and need to stick to these healthy habits and voila! You are halfway through. Also, remember to get a health insurance policy so that you can keep yourself or your loved ones safe without worrying about funds.

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