India’s Accessibility to Affordable Health Insurance

A strong healthcare system is regarded as the structural backbone of a nation’s and its people’s prosperity.  With over 136 crore inhabitants, India needs a comprehensive health system. However, it also means that a sizable community is widely available to meet the requirements of the population. Therefore, and not only in the capitals, it falls to the administration to provide all of its citizens with sufficient and affordable healthcare coverage.

With Tata AIG, for instance, one can get the best health insurance coverage for all kinds of emergency medical expenses. Also, with our health insurance premium calculator online, the policyholders can find more about the premiums and the coverage options.

Now, let’s talk a bit about the healthcare sector in the country.

Healthcare Situation in India – The Need for Affordable Medical Coverage

Health insurance is becoming a requirement due to the rising costs of Indian health care and the public’s increasing prevalence of lifestyle diseases. Although medical treatment in India is still mostly an out-of-pocket expenditure, health insurance offers consumers the much-needed economic security they require in situations of medical emergency.

Despite the fact that medical costs have skyrocketed over the years, India still has considerably better affordable healthcare than many other nations, including the US. This feature has also boosted India’s medical tourism sector, making it a popular destination for many foreign citizens looking for reasonably priced yet high-quality options in medical treatments.

In this regard, the availability of low-cost health insurance plans is commendable. These affordable health insurance in India plans offer unmatched financial support and extensive coverage benefits to the policyholders.

What Affects the Easy Accessibility of Cheapest Health Insurance in the Country?

The cost of health insurance premiums varies for various individuals and is dependent on a variety of elements. So, in order to obtain a suitable insurance policy, knowing what factors influence the premium can help you boost the profitability as well as affordability of health insurance plans.

Basically, there are two distinctive factors that contribute to this –

  • Age of the policyholder – When purchasing medical insurance plans, your chances of receiving extensive coverage for a reasonable price will increase with your age. Additionally, you have the option of surviving your waiting periods without ever using them.
  • Cumulative benefits – You will qualify for a no-claim bonus from the insurer, which would be cumulative, if you keep your policy in force for the whole policy term without filing any claims.

A Few Common Challenges in the Indian Healthcare Sector

  • Shortage of medical practitioners: India’s doctor-patient ratio is increasing despite a boost in demand, and medical professionals are in short supply. The WHO recommends a doctor-to-patient ratio of 1 to 1000. But in India, the ratio is 1:1456, which has a serious impact on people’s access to healthcare, particularly those who live in rural areas.
  • Poor infrastructure: The public and private sectors are the two healthcare systems in the country. Indian private healthcare is of high quality, but the bulk of the rural people cannot afford it due to poor wages and a lack of even the most basic health insurance options.


A related and fundamental issue in the healthcare industry, in addition to accessibility, is affordability. A sizeable segment of the Indian population must pay out-of-pocket (OOP) for healthcare services because they are uninsured. In this regard, therefore, medical insurance plans from Tata AIG could be of great help. the policy purchase process online is easy and the coverage options are vast. Also, the plans are supremely affordable.

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