Ingrown hairs

How we all wish for a smooth, flawless and hair free skin. How to get there, despite all the hurdles, is another story, or perhaps myth. One of hurdles that often accompanies flawless in skin are ingrown hair. If you have never experienced this problem, you are amongst the fortunate few ones.

What are ingrown hairs?

Normally, our hair tends to grow out, and lift out of the skin. Ingrowth, as the name suggests, are the hairs that grow back into the skin Dead skin can also cause this; since it clogs the hair follicle, there hair has no other choice but to grow back into the skin.

People with curly hair tend to experience more of this problem; the sharp, jagged edge of the hair pierces the skin, and goes back into it. Ingrown hair then leads to the appearance of black dots in the skin.

Not only are they visually unappealing, but also cause a lot of discomfort. These cause the formation of bumps of the skin, that might become infected even. Itching and boil like sore can also occur, meriting thus a visit to the Best Dermatologist in Model Town Lahore.

Causes of ingrown hair

The problem of ingrowth is more common in areas of the body that experience frequent friction.

Since clogged pores can result in this condition, products like deodorant and certain razor that promote clogging of the pores also lead to ingrowth. Similarly, bad hygiene practices like not showering after sweating also lead to clogged pores and hence ingrown hairs.

Similarly, hair removal techniques can also cause this problem. Using blunt razors can lead to ingrowth issues. Waxing can also cause irritation and inflammation when the hair regrows. Tweezing also carries the risk of hair turning coarse, leading to ingrowth.

Dealing with ingrown hair

Plucking out

It is pertinent that you do not scratch at the surface of the skin to get the hair out. This can infect the follicle, causing inflammation and scarring.

If you, however, see the hair protruding, you can pluck that hair out. First, wash the area so you get rid of the bacteria. Then, apply warm wash cloth to help in the easing of the pores.

Then, using clean tweezers, or thread, pull out the hair. You might need to coax the hair a little, if it’s very little at the surface before plucking.

Then, wash the area again. If there is irritation, you can apply the warm cloth for easing it.

Using the right shaving techniques

Use shaving gel or cream before taking a razor to the hair. As they reduce friction, shaving creams allow for smoother hair trimming, without irritating the skin.

Moreover, your razor itself may be part of the problem. Use one with sharp blade, so that it glides over and removes all the hairs of the thatch.

It is also important for you to shave in the direction of hair growth.

Prevent using waxing

Even though waxing carries lesser risks as opposed to shaving, if your skin is dry, the issue of ingrowth can ensure. Dehydrated skin is also more prone to friction from the cloth. Thus, be sure to moisturize before and after waxing.

Visit a doctor

For occasional ingrown hair, there is no need to worry. However, if the problem is perpetual, then you have to address it, as it relates to the matter of physical discomfort.

Thus, if you are experiencing too many ingrown hairs, especially those that have a tendency to become infected, you should seek the help of the Best Dermatologist in DHA Karachi. Infections should not be taken casually; alongside spreading, they also lead to scarring.

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