Is Hair Loss Creeping In? Here is What You Can Do

Losing hair is a natural process that can happen to anyone. However, we all try preventing hair loss as much as possible through natural remedies and the latest treatment options.

Hair loss can affect both men and women in their 30s and 40s, but men usually start noticing an unusual amount of hair loss even in their mid-20s. On average, we lose around 80 strands in a day. However, our hair continues growing in a cycle to replenish itself.

Typical signs of unusual hair loss include a receding hairline, difficulty styling your hair, and more hair falling off after brushing or shower.

What Should You Do?     

The most common cause of hair loss is genetics. However, you can’t always blame your genes. You can indeed inherit baldness or a receding hairline from either side of the family, but external factors can also contribute to hair loss. For instance, using harsh chemicals, relaxers, and dyes can also affect your hair’s quality, thereby damaging them in the roots. Consuming an unbalanced diet and stress can also wreak havoc on your hair.

If you are experiencing hair thinning or hair loss, don’t panic. There are many ways you can prevent or slow down hair loss without spending a fortune on treatment and hair products. Here are a few tips to follow when experiencing hair loss.

Positive Lifestyle Changes

There is no denying that a poor lifestyle can damage your overall health. Making positive lifestyle changes such as limiting your alcohol and tobacco intake, eating a nutrient-rich diet, and exercising can improve our skin and hair. Proper sleep and a good diet with some physical activity guarantee that your hair follicles remain healthy and nourished.

Stay Hydrated

Drinking adequate water is useful for improving blood circulation and flushing out toxins. Around 60% of our body comprises water, which means adequate water intake will keep us fit and healthy. If you don’t drink at least six to eight glasses of water a day, we are sure to experience many problems such as dry, flaky skin and brittle hair.

If you want to optimize hair growth and prevent hair loss, staying hydrated is one of the best and most affordable ways to protect your hair.

Become More Active

You can’t do much with a good diet if you don’t know how to burn those extra calories. You don’t have to hit the gym or work out a rigorous exercise regime. Incorporating exercise into your daily life routine can do wonders to improve your hair.

Try cycling, swimming, running, or any cardio workout to maintain adequate blood circulation.

Keeping fit ensures adequate blood flow to the scalp for strengthening your hair follicles. Exercise also reduces stress because it triggers feel-good hormones. Hence, you can also prevent hair loss due to stress.

Avoid Smoking and Alcohol 

Smoking and drinking can accumulate toxins in the body that can lead to nutrient deficiency. This deficiency affects our hair follicle’s ability to produce healthy hair. Limiting or restricting alcohol and tobacco intake can make your hair strong and healthy. Research indicates that smoking and drinking can damage the DNA of the hair follicle and disrupt hair growth.

Invest in Good Hair Products

There is ample evidence to indicate that cheap styling products such as serums and gels can do more harm than good to your hair. The chemicals within these products stick to the scalp and get trapped in the hair follicles. As a result, your scalp is unable to breathe. Avoid using too many gels and styling products, or stick to ones with fewer chemicals so your hair and scalp can breathe easily.

No Hot Showers

Who doesn’t love a nice and long hot shower? But frequent hot showers can damage your scalp. That’s because hot water can strip your scalp of essential oils that protect your hair from dryness and breakage. While there is no scientific study to support this claim, many stylists recommend avoiding a hot shower to protect hair against frizz and avoid scalp inflammation that can thin the hair.

 Use Anti-DHT shampoos

You must have come across ads for shampoos that guarantee to block DHT and stimulate hair growth. DHT is the hormone responsible for hair loss, and using an anti-DHT shampoo and conditioner will ensure that your hair follicles remain healthy. Use shampoos and hair products that are free of sulfate and paraben.

Massage your Scalp Regularly 

Several studies suggest that scalp massage can increase hair density as it improves blood flow to the hair follicles and your scalp. A good massage also lowers stress levels, which is a common factor related to hair loss. Use olive oil and coconut oil for massaging your hair regularly. Here are some essential oils that can protect your hair and scalp.

  • Sandalwood oil: prevents dry and split ends and adds fragrance to the hair
  • Lavender oil: controls dandruff and adds shine to your hair
  • Rosemary oil: stimulates hair growth and boosts blood flow to the scalp
  • Chamomile oil: adds shine and softness to the hair

Take a Biotin Supplement

Ask your doctor to recommend a Biotin supplement for strengthening your hair and preventing hair loss. Biotin or B-complex has DHT-blocking capabilities and keeps your hair healthy.

Trust in Laser Caps

You don’t need to go to a fancy spa or an expensive laser treatment facility to benefit from a laser cap. This hi-tech haircare accessory offers an easy and affordable way to boost hair growth without spending a fortune. Laser caps are the easiest, safest, and effective treatment for hair loss. Both men and women can wear it to nourish their hair follicles and reverse hair thinning. Kiierr Laser Caps offer low-light therapy for helping your hair grow and become thicker and fuller. The hands-free laser cap is portable and guarantees 100% hair-fall prevention.

Final Thoughts

If you want to keep your hair strong and healthy, follow these tips to nourish and protect your hair.

Infographic provided by Hair by Dr. Max, a trusted provider of hairline surgery

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