Is Pain Free Birth Really Possible?

The joy of one day holding your bundle of joy in your hands is out of this world. But if you think about the pain that comes with natural birth, you get overwhelmed by fear and anxiety.

Well, every pregnant woman has, at one point, Google how to give birth without labor pain. If you’re one of them, you must have come across the term hypnobirthing pain free birth.

But is pain-free birth possible? If you’re interested in learning more, then read through this article.

What Is Pain Free Birth?

Pain-free birth is also known as hypnobirthing. It’s a self-hypnosis and relaxation technique that women use to prepare for childbirth. The process involves physical, mental, and spiritual preparation.

The technique focuses on reducing the awareness of fear, pain, and anxiety associated with childbirth. Before the delivery day, women interested in pain-free birth go through the training. The training involves visualization, mindfulness, and relaxation methods.

Everything focuses on directing your mind towards your body and delivering the baby and not the pain that comes with it.

Techniques Used in Hypnobirthing Pain Free Birth

The following techniques are usually used in hypnobirthing to minimize pain during child delivery:

1.     Controlled Breathing

Labor pain is associated with a lot of fear and anxiety. All these can interfere with your ability to breathe properly or result in shortness of breath.

Controlled breathing helps make each of your breathing effective. It works to slow down your breathing.

Learning to breathe deeply using your nose and mouth helps you stay calm. The calmness then results in reduced discomfort of labor pain.

2.     Visualization

This is another important technique used to ensure pain-free labor. Visualization helps you imagine all the good things that will come with the birth of your baby.

You can imagine the kind of feeling you want to have, even if it’s something different from the birth of your baby. This technique works to help you stay positive and be more prepared.

3.     Deep Relaxation

Deep relaxation and meditation help you focus on nothing else but your baby. You need to ignore all the other things happening around you. This method can work well with the help of your favorite music or movie.

You need something you love doing when bored or stressed to take your mind away from the actual process.

Does Hypnobirthing Really Work?

There are many testimonies from women who’ve tried this method to give birth, and most agree that it works. However, there is minimal research regarding hypnobirthing pain free birth.

Research done on different women has no conclusion to show that the process is effective. This proves that this technique does not work on every woman.

Although there is no conclusive research about this method’s effectiveness, hypnobirthing is still a wonderful technique.

The process works well to help control your stress hormones, reduce anxiety, and stay calm during childbirth. This method reminds you to stay focused and assure you that you’re in control.

Even if you decide to try this method, you should prepare for anything because childbirth free from complications is never a guarantee.

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