Is Vintage Muscle Legit? My Experience

A little over a year ago, alternative muscle building supplements exploded in popularity. SARMs, research chemicals, and prohormones, which were once seen as “underground” and peppered with skepticism, were now readily available. And people were buying in.

One of these supplements that went under the radar, but evidence suggests is FAR more effective than alternatives, is the anabolic precursors..

Anabolic precursors are something I stumbled upon in February of 2021.

If you don’t know, anabolic precursors are compounds that are converted into androgenic hormones upon consumption.

This mechanism of action makes them regarded as safer than steroids.

And after doing a bunch of digging, I decided to choose Is Vintage Muscle legit? as the *** for my anabolic precursor experience.

After doing a bunch of digging, I decided to take the leap with Vintage Muscle’s anabolic precursors.

Why Vintage Muscle?

Vintage Muscle is a supplement company based in Logan, Utah. They sell anabolic precursors, PCT stacks, and fat burners.

Vintage Muscle is owned by Jared Van Yperen – a competitive bodybuilder, entrepreneur, and owner of the Salt Lake City Senate football team.

Van Yperen started Vintage Muscle after extensive experience with hormone therapy as a kid.

When he was eight years old, Van Yepren was diagnosed with hypopituitarism. This meant that his pituitary gland (responsible for producing many hormones, including growth hormone) wasn’t working.

At just eight years old, he was prescribed growth hormone.

Around age 16, Van Yperen took an interest in bodybuilding.

He spent his free time digging through bodybuilding forums, finding ways to get an edge, and learning from other’s mistakes.

In that time, he adopted the belief that supplements are a waste of time.

That was, until he stumbled upon some prohormones being sold at a local store.

Upon taking the supplement, Van Yperen had a massive belief shift – it was a legal anabolic that worked.

Thing is, the typical prohormone is liver toxic. Overpriced. Unclear about ingredients. And there was little to no guidance.

So, after doing a mountain of research, Van Yperen developed a perfect middleground for the typical gym goer.

His formulas come with more bite than those sold at GNC, but are way more safe than prohormones, SARMs, and research chemicals.

Since his development, Van Yperen has been committed to helping men pack on muscle, build strength, and slim down.

I initially was drawn to Vintage Muscle after seeing all of their rave reviews. On the Vintage Muscle site, there are thousands of five-star reviews, testimonials, and impressive before and after pictures.

After buying one of their stacks, I was added to a private Facebook community where the stacks receive even MORE buzz.

All this said, men young and old are getting CRAZY results with Vintage Muscle’s products.

And I wanted part of the action.

Aside from this, Vintage Muscle’s straightforwardness really won me over.

Unlike most sites that sell prohormones, research chemicals, and SARMs, Vintage Muscle is open and honest about the ingredients they use in their formulas.

There’s no sketchiness or guessing.

And Vintage Muscle’s doesn’t just SAY they use the cleanest ingredients around. They’re also more than willing to provide a Certificate of Analysis to prove it.

This made me feel comfortable choosing Vintage Muscle.

Which Vintage Muscle Stack Did I Use?

I started with Vintage Muscle’s Alpha Test Stack.

It was promoted as one of the milder stacks, but still promised to help me build muscle, increase my masculine drive, and even help me lose a bit of fat.

This was perfect for me at the time. Even though I stayed on top of my training, I let my diet get a little bit sloppy. I figured this would be the perfect thing to bring my body back into form.

So how does Alpha Test Stack work?

The power of Alpha Test Stack comes from epiandrosterone, an anabolic compound.

When taken, epiandrosterone is converted into dihydrotestosterone – also known as DHT.

DHT is actually more androgenic than testosterone. However, by the mechanism of anabolic precursors, it doesn’t mangle your hormones like steroids, SARMs, or research chems could.

This said, epiandrosterone still provides BIG anabolic benefits. Mainly in the arenas of muscle and strength gains.

See, once epiandrosterone enters the body, the uptake of essential amino acids is increased in the fast-twitch skeletal muscle fibers.

In plain terms, epiandrosterone gives your muscles more building blocks to work with. This makes for an easier time making gains.

The Alpha Test Stack doesn’t just lean on epiandrosterone, though.

The Alpha Test Stack also includes a formula of natural herbs and minerals that support natural testosterone levels. Some of these ingredients include tongkat ali, zinc, magnesium, hawthorne, saw palmetto, and more.

These natural ingredients are backed by a ton of science. It’s just a Google search away, I won’t bore you with it here.

But what about safety?

Are Vintage Muscle’s Stacks Safe?

One of the things I really liked about Vintage Muscle compared to other companies online was their straightforwardness.

As I said above, they’re honest about what’s in their formulas (unlike companies that sell research chemicals and SARMS), they use the cleanest ingredients, and they’re willing to prove it.

Not only that, but they also go to great lengths to ensure you’re armed with the knowledge of how to use their stacks.

See, most of Vintage Muscle’s stacks are suppressive. This means your body notices an excess of testosterone in the body and stops its natural production to save energy.

This can be problematic if you don’t cycle properly.

But Vintage Muscle eliminates any worries of that by laying out EXACTLY how to take their stacks safely.

I never had a single worry if I was taking my stack correctly.

Nor did I think twice about messing up my body.

Vintage Muscle goes FAR BEYOND where they need to to ensure you have a safe experience with their stacks.

Now, this is all well and good, but did Alpha Test Stack actually work?

Do Vintage Muscle’s Stacks Work?

In my 12 weeks taking Alpha Test Stack, I saw incredible results.

As I said before, I was always consistent with my training, but my diet was a little bit sloppy.

So, I’d developed a thin pouch of fat around my belly prior to taking Alpha Test Stack.

You could still see my abs when I flexed, but it wasn’t anything to sneeze at.

However, after 12 weeks with Alpha Ttest Stack, I stepped on the scale at 209.3 pounds… Down a whole 14.7 pounds in just 8 weeks.

More than that, I looked bigger – more muscular.

I clearly hadn’t lost any size.

And my numbers in the gym?

They shot up.

I was repping out 405 for sets of 5 on squat. Previously, I was only able to grind out 1 rep with clean form.

On bench, my max exploded from 315 to 330.

And my deadlift shot up 75 pounds.

Needless to say, I was absolutely thrilled with my results.

And you may be asking… Did the changes go away when I cycled off?


I stayed around the same size and strength levels.

Funny enough, there’s a scientific reason for this.

See, your muscles have a kind of built in muscle memory for size and strength.

And once they get to a certain level of size and strength, you have an easier time getting back to that point.

This is why people who lose muscle have an easier time packing it back on than those who are trying to build muscle they never had.

Even though my strength and size came from a supplement, my body hasn’t forgotten how to get to that level.

So, no. I didn’t lose all my hard-earned gain.

Now, all of this begs the question…

Are Vintage Muscle stacks legit?

With thousands of five-star reviews on their website, hundreds of crazy before and afters, and based on my experience, I’d say yes, Vintage Muscle is legit.

Their stacks are based in science.

They’re safer and cleaner than research chemicals, SARMS, or steroids.

And the company was very trustworthy, helpful, and straightforward in my experience with them.

If you’re looking to boost your T levels, or just looking for a muscle building edge, I highly recommend Vintage Muscle.

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