Make the bedroom your love heaven

Have you been too busy lately to make out time for your partner? Is there a lack of anticipation while returning home to your partner? Or is it that there is a decreased interest inside the bedroom? If yes, you are at the right place to get back to entering a steamy bedroom. If no, you still are at the right place to get into the next step of sexual exploration and transform your fun relationship a hot and fun relationship. Here are some things that you might want to try to make your bedroom love paradise. Imagine what can be better than returning home to your partner with something new waiting on the bed almost every day. You can experiment using tools, or even without them if you know just the right hotspots.

  • Begin with being regular about hygiene

Cut your nails so sex remains for pleasure and not become a bleeding nightmare. Make sure you clean yourself. What is better than a neat glowing canvas to run your hands on.

Besides exploring your partner’s body through your hands and perhaps, your mouth, you should explore what are the erogenous zones for women and men that work miracles for your partner. It could be the belly button, inner thighs or behind the neck. Women, particularly feel quite sensuous at the three popular yet mysterious spots that are- clit, the u-spot and the g-spot. See, if you yourself can find pleasure exploring all these zones, perhaps you already have won the bedroom game.

  • Try tools like sex toys, penis rings, or vibrators

You can give your girl an earth-shattering orgasm if you play with these things well. Using vibrator at the clit or the u-spot can make things very steamy as well as will increase the probability of orgasm. A penis ring is used for prolonged erection and increased pleasure. If you use it right, your man might get the best blowjob ever.

  • Talk, ask and try

You definitely have infinite questions about sex from your partner. You need to know if what you are doing is right, if there is something that you want them to do or if you are willing to try something new or if there is any kind of discomfort. The best way to get answers is to ask them right away, try the talk, and if it goes well, practice it more on them and make your sex life only better! You can also find new ways of communication such as texting them about it or building the anticipation by saying it in the wrong place

These are just a few tips of exploration. There are no rules and limitations of sexual exploration if your partner is in it with you. So, keep finding new ways to be curious about what you think can be a blissful sex.

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