Menorrhagia: Heavy Period flow

Menstruation or Period is the process in which a woman’s vagina discharges blood and other materials from the internal lining of the uterus. Once started, it happens every month and stays for about 5 days. It stops when a woman reaches the phase of menopause or if the woman is pregnant. At many places, periods have been considered taboo and the girls are kept at a separate place when she is on her periods. Even the utensils used by the girls are kept away from the others. Everyone, whether it’s a boy or a girl should be informed about the several processes of body changes. The processes that make a kid enter the puberty phase and change a child’s body to become an adult body. They should be taught about menstruation and the other changes in the body.

Menstruation is a normal process that females go through thus enabling the body for a potential pregnancy. The process of menstruation takes place in the reproductive system of the female. A woman might have several unanswered questions that need to be answered. Sometimes a woman has a ‘heavy flow’ during her period, which makes it difficult to live normally during those 5 days. This might be the symptom of Menorrhagia, often called heavy period flow.

Signs of Menorrhagia

Menorrhagia is one of the most commonly diagnosed gynecological problems. But you must be wondering what is heavy bleeding? Let’s understand the same.

  • Blood clots– Being a woman, if you are experiencing heavy bleeding with clots, as big as a coin. It is advised to visit your doctor and follow a regular check-up.
  • Changing pads frequently– You are going through heavy blood flow if you are obliged to change your pads or tampons frequently. You might end up changing at least 7-8 pads in a single day.
  • Blood Flood- You may sometimes get a blood flood during your periods. This could make your clothes stained with too much blood.
  • Longer periods- Usually a woman menstruates for a period of 3 to 5 days, but a woman undergoing a heavy period flow may end up menstruating for up to 6 or 7 days.

Causes of Menorrhagia(Heavy period flow):-

  • Problems related to Uterine Wall- The following uterine- related problems may result in heavy bleeding from the uterus.
    • Uterus cancer or cervix.
    • Intrauterine device (IUD), a birth control device
  • Miscarriage (unborn baby dies in the uterus) or ectopic pregnancy(baby starts to grow outside the womb), can also cause abnormal bleeding.
  • Hormonal problems- Certain hormonal problems can also be the reason for heavy blood flow.
  • A woman suffering from PCOD could also experience heavy bleeding due to the formation of cysts in the uterus.

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