Pearls of Wisdom for Healthy Living

Did you know that you can improve your quality of life just by following a few simple steps? Did you also know that like the strands of a spider web, beauty, success, confidence, and health are interconnected?

For example, beauty goes beyondwell-toned skin and a fit body. Experts from Spa Greenville SC have linked what is called MEP[Mental, Emotional, and Physical] health to beauty in a simplified way that enhancesone’s quality of life. It would be futile and vain to live long and be beautiful without enjoyingthe experience.  That said, let’s explore the meaning of MEP more deeply.

  • Mental Health:This relates to how we think, how we process the information we receive, whether we perceive it as positive or negative.
  • Emotional health: This is how we express what has been processedin the mindbecause you cannot detach mental health from emotional health.
  • Physical health:This primarily refers to physical fitness or the absence absence of disease.

Practices that Promote Good (MEP) Health

To maintain excellent mental, emotional, and physical health, you must observe the following practices consistently.

Eat HealthyFoods

You are what you eat, so you should always consume foods that fall within a balanced, nutritious diet. That way, you won’tdeprive your body of essential nutrients in the name of feeling beautiful or staying fit. Bonus, a healthy diet also helps in boost you immune system and prevents disease.

Stay Hydrates

Over 70 percent of body fluid is water, and maintaining that water supply is vital for the proper functioning of your body’s cells. To do so, health experts encourage men to drink an average of 3.7 liters daily. Women should drink 2.7 liters of water every day.

Exercise Regularly

Exercise helps in combating against diabetes, cancer, heart disease, and more. Regular exercises also help you to stay fit and maintain a muscle definition that allows you to perform everyday tasks without strain or injury. Plus, sweating helps you eliminate toxins from your body.

Protect Your Skin

The sun’s UV rays can take a toll on your skin’s health. Modern medicine has seen a rise in skin cancer patients due to excessive exposure to the sun rays, but you can counteract these damaging UV rays by always wearing protective clothing and sunscreen.

Avoid Smoking and Tobacco Use

Smoking habits are known to come with several dangerousconditions including lung, mouth, and throat cancer. This is why health experts discourage the use of tobacco products of any kind.

Think Positively

Make a daily deposit of positive thoughts. These are like a bank account where you go to make withdrawals. If the bank is constantly empty, you will be running on a deficit.

Consider adding daily journaling, meditation, or other techniques to your daily routine, so you can remain grounded in happiness. Focus on the good things in life and make lists of things you are thankful for regularly. There are proven links between gratitude and joy.

Limit Alcohol Consumption

According to health gurus, people should only haveone to two drinks per day. Aproperly portioned servingof alcohol is equivalent to five ounces of wine or twelve ounces of beer. Any more than that could be considered excessive, and excessive alcohol consumption can be damaging to the liverwhich is essential in 500 body functions.

By following these simple guidelines, you will see improved quality of life and health. Listed below, you’ll find a few benefits of implementing the aforementionedrecommended health practices:

  • Reduced body aches and pains
  • Improved blood flow and circulation
  • Better quality sleep
  • Reduced weight
  • Happierinteractions with others
  • A more stable, vibrant character
  • Increased energy
  • Better performance under stress

To get quality life, one cannot disconnect the intersecting aspects of mental, emotional, and physical health. On the contrary, the most successful people are only attractive, but their minds and emotions are also wellrefined.  Daily focus on improving one’s MEP by following some simple but effective practices is key to present and future happiness.

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