Phosphorus and Albertsons Companies Make Home Testing for COVID-19 Possible

Phosphorus is a company staffed by pure scientists, focused on improving human health through the power of genomics. Their best genetic tests have enabled thousands of users to stay safe from illness and live disease-free lives. Phosphorus Diagnostics is bringing their knowledge and expertise to help curb the pandemic menacing people across the globe.

The genomics company has recently partnered with Albertsons Companies to enable COVID-19 testing from the comfort of your home. Albertsons Cos. announced that they will start with specific regions, but will expand the service in September and October.

The home test involves a saliva sample, not a nasal swab like tests widely witnessed so far. Once you have collected your test sample, you can expect your results from the lab within 72 hours of returning your sample. When Albertsons Cos. first introduced this service to Boise, Austin, and Houston markets, it was eagerly embraced by the residents.

Dr. Dan Salemi from Albertsons Pharmacy noted that customers are intrigued by the comfort of the whole process, as they can do it from their own homes. Some thought it to be very creative. He also noted that the testing kits are not complicated to use, and if you need any guidance, all you need to do is give them a call. Beside their other benefits, home testing kits ease the strain on the already overburdened healthcare system.

Alex Bisignano, the co-founder and CEO of Phosphorus, said that they were happy to work with Albertsons Cos. on this project. He went on to say that to combat the coronavirus, a simple and accessible way of testing will go a long way and Albertsons Cos. is at the forefront in ensuring just that.

Albertsons Cos. is looking forward to offering these services to all the regions it covers. The good news is that the FDA has given this testing kit its Emergency Use Authorization to help combat the coronavirus.

Obtaining the kit is easy. All you have to do is fill out a questionnaire online at It will be reviewed by an Albertsons pharmacist from your region and you will be contacted to plan how you will access your kit. If you are showing symptoms of the virus, you should choose the home delivery option, or have someone pick it up for you as a safe alternative.

The prepaid option allows you to easily return your saliva sample; the kit comes with an envelope in which you will place your sample and send it to the lab. Once it arrives, you can expect the results within 72 hours via text or email.

At the moment, the test must be paid for out of pocket, but you may be able to get compensation from your insurance company using your receipt.

Phosphorus’s headquarters are located in New York City. This leading genomics firm has its laboratories in Secaucus, New Jersey. Certified by both CAP and CLIA, Phosphorus genomics is licensed to conduct testing in all 50 states. At the moment, their focus is on coronavirus testing and bringing their unique research methods and years in the industry to helping to solve this global health nightmare.

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