Preparing for Jaw Surgery

Preparing for corrective jaw surgery or orthognathic surgery is not that easy. There are a lot of things you must do to ensure the operation is successful and you recover faster.

Ideally, if you want to visit an orthodontic clinic, you should look at their before and after photos. This will help you determine the possibility of having a successful surgery at the clinic. When preparing for jaw surgery, you should do the following:

1. Have a balanced diet

You are probably going to shed a lot of blood while undergoing jaw surgery. That means you should ensure you have the right pounds of blood and water in your system. Ensure your body is fully hydrated by taking a lot of fluids. Include fruits such as watermelon, pineapple, and beetroot in your diet.

When you plan to go for jaw surgery, you should avoid foods such as coffee, chocolate, tobacco, and sodas. Also, ensure you don’t take any aspirin-based medication three months before your surgery date.

Find the best nutritionists near me to book an appointment for advice on what foods you should eat while awaiting your surgery. Most nutritionists will advise you to stick to a soft and liquid diet when preparing for jaw surgery. Creating and sticking to a healthy habit may take a lot of time. Therefore, you should start observing a healthy diet as soon as you register for jaw surgery.

2. Oral hygiene

If you are soon going for jaw surgery, you should begin observing oral hygiene. With proper oral health, you will be preventing the risk of developing bacterial complications while undergoing surgery.

Brush your teeth after every meal, if you can, and at least twice a day. Only use recommended toothpaste with the right fluoride composition. You should also floss your mouth with a recommended mouthwash to keep all plaque at bay. Keeping your mouth clean and fresh is one of the best pre-surgery precautions you can take.

3. Work on your emotions

The thought of walking inside a theatre room can be a bit overwhelming. First is signing the consent papers and discussing what the surgery will involve with your doctors. It takes a lot of guts to face all this alone.

Therefore, you must ensure you prepare your mind days before the surgery. Listen to some refreshing and relaxing music from your favorite artist to help you calm down. Talk to your family and loved ones about it. Also, you should take a lot of water to improve blood circulation in your brain.

Final Thoughts

Preparing yourself for a jaw surgery should not be that difficult if you know the right things to do and the right food to eat.

You have to keep your body and mind ready for the surgery by sticking to a healthy diet at least three months before the surgery date. Most importantly, research widely to find the best medical facility to do for the surgery. Ensure your doctor takes you through the entire surgery process so that you understand what you should expect.

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