Quick Meal Ideas for Babies

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It can be exhausting and time-consuming to think of healthy meals to prepare for your little ones. The combination of recipes below are not only full of nutritional value but are also all prepared to serve in under 20 minutes. So, you can spend more time doing the things you like and less time thinking of what to have for dinner and cooking for your hungry little one!

Cheese and broccoli pasta

This easy cheesy pasta and broccoli recipe is a superb and tasty meal for babies just beginning their weaning journey!

With only four ingredients (broccoli, cheese, pasta and milk), this meal takes less than 10 minutes to make and is full of antioxidant benefits. Alongside this, broccoli is also known for its many health benefits; promoting healthy digestion, making this ideal if you’re looking for easy pasta recipes for babies.

Mini fish cake bites

Mini fish bites are perfect for mini mouths! This recipe is ideal for babies and toddlers who enjoy feeding themselves. It is also a brilliant way to help your little foodie consume more oily fish to keep a balanced and healthy diet.

By combining a mixture of one cooked medium potato, a small cooked salmon fillet; a blend of sweetcorn and peas, chives, grated cheese and half a small egg, these quick and easy finger foods can be made in less than just 20 minutes!

Sweetcorn and spinach fritters

These healthy sweetcorn and spinach fritters are packed full of vitamin C. Including a large amount of protein from the egg, these finger foods are great for your baby-led weaning journey!

For this recipe, you will need a food processor so that you can blend up all the ingredients. In a blender or food processor, combine sweetcorn, baby spinach, garlic, spring onion, flour, baking powder and milk to make a thick paste.

In a pan, use a small amount of oil and dollop four spoonfuls of the mixture into the pan, letting them cook for a minute on either side. This recipe is packed with protein and is the perfect tasty meal for little bellies.

Mini egg and veggie muffins

These mini egg and veggie muffins are great morning food for your little one. Packed with protein and vitamins A, D, E and B12, these muffins are bound to keep them full throughout the day.

With only five ingredients, this recipe couldn’t be easier to make. In a bowl, combine grated courgette, carrot, peas, feta cheese and eggs. Beat in egg until everything is mixed. Then pour the mixture into muffin cases.

These muffins only take 15 minutes to cook, making them the quickest fix for rumbly tummies!

Hopefully, these recipes can help to make dinnertimes easier!

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