Strategies That Will Help You Deal with Vaginal Dryness

Vaginal dryness is a common condition mostly faced by women who have reached the menopause stage of their lives. This condition is not a cause for concern, but it might end up affecting your sex life negatively. Many changes occur as we get old, and this is one of them. Lack of adequate lubrication is the leading cause of this condition, and you can solve it by using the Premarin Vaginal Cream for maximum results.  In this article, we will discuss tips that will enable you to combat vaginal dryness.

  1. Do not use drying products

Drying products such as lotions have many disadvantages than advantages. Avoid using them on the vulva because they are very harsh. You are advised to buy natural products that are free from scents.

  1. Have a better foreplay

Vaginal dryness some times occurs because you are not having enough foreplay. You should spend quality time preparing your body for sex for you to experience wetness. Feel free to tell your partner to show you extra affection, which is beneficial for both of you. Not only should you spend quality time on foreplay, but you should make sure you have the best foreplay. There are many non-sexual ways to put you in the mood, including having massages or playing romantic music. Ensure you change the foreplay from time to time to ensure it does not get boring.

  1. Do not wax

You will save vast amounts of money by avoiding wax, as well as making you feel better. Your vulva skin will stay moist thanks to the buffer created between your spouse’s skin.

  1. Have estrogen therapy

You might consider consulting your doctor suppose your dryness is extreme. They might suggest introducing estrogen in your body via a therapy session. You can achieve this using many methods such as putting a ring filled with estrogen in the body or putting cream in the vagina.

  1. Have sex frequently

This is among the most natural solutions to a dry vagina. By being sexually aroused, a woman’s vaginal tissues will increase blood supply, thus making her moist. You can eliminate dryness and painful sex by having enough foreplay.

  1. Use lubricants

These lubricants stay moist for long periods, keeping you free from unexpected dryness. They do not evaporate when put in the open and you will be wet for a long time. You can use them in the shower because they are not water-based. These lubes are more useful for loyal partners, and they slow down the rate of STI infections.

  1. Use vaginal moisturizers

There are many products available in most pharmacies that you can use to boost vaginal wetness. They help to enhance the ph. of the vagina as well as keeping it free from dampness. Suppose you have sensitive skin, you might want to avoid glycerin products because they irritate.


A study has shown that over 70% of women in menopause have experienced vaginal dryness during sex. It is a normal thing, and you should not feel low when it occurs. With the above tips, you will stay safe from it and have pleasurable sex with your partner.

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