Three Signs You’re Drinking Too Much

Do you think you’re drinking too much? If you meet these three criteria, then it might be time to check into rehab.

We can all be guilty of drinking too much at various times of the year, whether it be a holiday or a birthday. There is always a reason to open a bottle. Here in the UK. Alcohol is completely legal to buy and is readily available in most shops. The chances of developing an alcohol addiction are far, far higher than they would be otherwise.

With thousands of people in the UK developing an alcohol addiction every year[i], we thought it high time we reviewed what the signs were of drinking too much. If you suspect that you have an alcohol addiction, read this, and then go about getting the help that you need.

Let’s review three signs you’re drinking too much and then talk about what you can do about it.

The Three Signs You’re Drinking Too Much

Are you an alcoholic? If these three signs sound familiar, then you ought to get some help.

1 – You often think about quitting drinking

People who have a healthy relationship with alcohol rarely think about no longer drinking. Unless you have OCD and intrusive thoughts, then the chances are that you are addicted to alcohol. While someone with OCD might convince themselves that they drink too much, someone who has an alcohol problem will already know that they drink too much. Of course, it’s entirely possible for you to have both OCD and an addiction to alcohol.

Thinking about quitting drinking is a sure sign that you have been drinking too much. Whether you are sick of the hangovers or whether you are sick of trying to make your way home every Sunday morning, it’s time to take a break. Alcohol contributes to over 60 health conditions. Avoid taking too much or seek help.

2 – You thought about Rehab

People who have a healthy relationship with alcohol never even consider going to rehab. Rehab clinics seem to be reserved for those that are addicted to drugs and alcohol. If you have a gambling addiction, a sex addiction and Internet addiction, or any other kind of addiction, you could see yourself engaged in rehab. Rehab treatment is the best way to recover from drugs or alcohol or any other addiction.

Finding a rehab clinic that suits you is often the problem with rehab treatment. If you need help to find a rehab clinic that will work best for you and you happen to live in England in Wales, you can see for further help.

3 – You struggle to go one day without alcohol

People who have an alcohol addiction struggle to get through a single day without it. In fact, studies show that withdrawal from alcohol start starts within 6 to 12 hours after your last drink. This means that the detox period for alcohol starts soon after your last drink and can continue for several weeks or even several months if you were a heavy drinker.

If you struggle to go a single day without alcohol, the time has come for you to seek help. Go back point two and find a rehab clinic near you. The longer you leave an alcohol addiction otherwise, the worse it will be.


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