Tips for breastfeeding at night

By:Bryce Buyna

When it comes to breastfeeding, it can be part of a babies health. Breastfeeding is an important process for the connection of both the mom and baby to each other. There are many different tips that can be beneficial for breastfeeding at night and we will speak on a few of these in the article today. Let’s see if we can help with your baby getting milk drunk , in a good way of course! 

The first tip is that breastfeeding at night is almost essential to keep up with a babies needs. The prolactin your body creates for the production of milk is more active at night time. This is important so you can keep on schedule with your baby for enough milk all together. 

Next, find a comfortable position to breastfeed in. As soon as you can, try to practice laying down while breastfeeding so even if it’s hard to sleep, you can at least attain some sort of rest in the night. Keep some pillows behind your head, and some pillows between your legs for comfort, this will give you a better comfort for when you are breastfeeding. It’s very important to find something that works for you when it comes to breast feeding, because it is a part of life for your baby, and a grumpy mom is no fun for anyone, especially yourself!

Keep your baby near you. Studies have shown it’s less likely for a baby to have SIDS if they are close to their maternal parent at night. Even if the baby is crying a lot, it’s worth keeping him or her near you at all times. Consider sharing a bed with your baby if you know that you aren’t putting him or her in danger by being in the bed with you.

Make sure to hide the clock in your room or you may just make yourself go crazy. It sucks watching the clock at night and waiting for time to pass, it can be very annoying and detrimental to your mood the next day if you just stayed up all night watching a clock pass through minutes and hours. 

Make sure to have some easy access clothing on, preferably something with buttons on it so your baby can easily access your breast when he or she is hungry.

Always stay organized when you’re in your room for the night, keep some snacks near, diapers, and a bottle of water. This way everything you need is right there and you don’t have to worry about walking around the house or apartment at night time. 

Keep a towel near you so there is no hard clean up after feeding your baby. It is natural for the breast to leak some after breastfeeding so you can easily combat this with always having a towel around to clean up. This also helps that your body stays comfortable and dry as well. 

Another tip that helps your baby receive high fat milk is sticking your nipple between your fingers and squeeze while breastfeeding. This help the baby to revive a better quality of milk so that you don’t have to feed the baby as often and the baby receives more fat content in the milk.

Lastly and possibly most important for your specific health is to take some naps when possible. Being a mom is a tough task and that’s why it’s important to get some naps in whenever possible. 

These tips listed above can hopefully help the reader gain some sort of insight on their attempt at breastfeeding at night. It’s not easy for everyone at first, but after some practice and continued attempts to do this, you will surely get better and more comfortable doing it. Best of luck to you! 

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