There are different types of marijuana depending on the genetics of the plant and how it is grown. The various kinds of weed come from the two major strains, cannabis Sativa and cannabis indica. They vary depending on the high they produce and the type of effects they give the user. Recently another strain of cannabis known as cannabis Ruderalis entered the market featuring low THC levels, making them suitable for medicinal marijuana.

When buying weed in a marijuana dispensary in 48210, you choose your desired strain based on the effects you want to experience. The consumption method influences the effect of the weed. Here is a deeper look into the various marijuana strains and their effects.

Cannabis sativa

Cannabis sativa comes from warmer climates such as Mexico and South Africa. During cultivation, the plant grows very tall, featuring long and thin leaves. It only flowers depending on certain light conditions with more than 11hours of darkness a day.

Cannabis sativa features lower THC levels compared to cannabis indica and a higher CBD percentage. As a result, the strain results in an energizing effect making it suitable for use in the morning and afternoon. Many users who buy cannabis Sativa strains from the number 1 dispensary in Detroit, Michigan, say it makes them more energetic, creative, and focused. Scientifically, Sativa strains are described to give a cognitive high rather than the body high associated with indica strains. It is commonly used by people with exhaustion, stress, and depression due to its mood-lifting effects.

Cannabis indica

Cannabis Indica originally came from the Hindu Kush region in Afghanistan. It features short plants with a bush-like appearance since it originates from a cold mountainous climate. But the leaves are darker, fuller, and round compared to Sativa plants. Unlike Sativa, indica strains produce high THC and lower CBD; hence they are considered a potent weed with relaxing and sedating effects. It produces more of a body high due to its relaxing effects; therefore, it is best consumed at night.

Since it produces a relaxing and soothing effect, cannabis indica is best for people who experience insomnia. According to a study, many people experienced pain relief and better sleep after using indica strains due to the high THC levels.

Cannabis Ruderalis

Discovered in southern Russia, cannabis Ruderalis is another cannabis strain that grows shorter than cannabis Sativa and indica. Thin stems with large leaves characterize it, and it is an auto-flowering plant. That means it flowers when it reaches a certain age regardless of the light exposure. Cannabis Ruderalis produces low THC levels than other strains; therefore is mainly used as medical marijuana rather than for recreational purposes.

Cannabis hybrids

Cannabis hybrid strains are very many and come from cross germination of the seeds from the cannabis Sativa and indica strains to produce an effect of both. Many of the strains in the market are hybrids due to the dominating effects they have. For instance, a cannabis Sativa dominant hybrid can give the energizing effect with a head high. They come with various names, and some are more common than others due to their extraordinary effects.


Although every strain is known for its unique effects, one user’s experience may differ greatly from another, and prolonged cannabis use can result in dangerous side effects.

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