Unmatched quality of independent living equipment

Law of the land in many countries, including Australia provides the same rights to elderlies or disabled persons as normal persons without any disabilities and accordingly have the right to live independently.

Contrary to the belief that independent living might be difficult for the disabled, with a variety of independent living equipment or aids, they can live with dignity and pride independently and contribute to the community.

Independent living actually empowers disabled and elderly persons and makes them self-sufficient and self-determined and live as per their liking. What they need is certain independent living equipment that makes their independent living easy, comfortable and safe.

There are many National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) approved service providers like Vital Living services in Australia that offer all the necessary independent living equipment for daily living and mobility to provide a self-sufficient yet comfortable independent life to needy individuals.

Most required independent living equipment

Though disabled and elderly persons need all those things that are used by persons without any disabilities yet some of the independent living equipment are specifically meant for disabled or physically challenged individuals.

Most prominent among independent living equipment are:

  • Bathroom and Toilet Aids- for personal care and hygiene, sponge for cleaning back, knees, and ankle, Anti-slip floor mats, Absorbent floor mats, Shower Stools, Raised Toilet Seats
  • Safety and Mobility Ramps – Pick-Up Reacher Stick, Mobility Shopping Cart
  • Supportive Handy bar – to move in and out of the car
  • Mobility Aids like Walkers, Rollators, Wheelchairs, and Mobility Scooters
  • Dressing aids – Dressing Stick, Long Handled Combs, Socks aid, Shoe Horn with a long handle, and  Shoe Helpers
  • Adjustable bed and chair raisers – Electric/Power Lift Chair, Electric Recliners. The motorized Electric Chairs that help you move from a sitting to a standing position are ideal for persons suffering from arthritis and joint problems.
  • Cutlery and Crockery Aids – can assist independent making, eating, and drinking much more easily and conveniently. Stainless steel, easy to grip and hold, and cutlery like an appropriate fork, knife, or spoon for the disabled or elderly make cooking and eating far easier. Two-handled mugs as well as insulated mugs are of great use to disabled and elderly persons.

Besides the above, at Vital Living Services, the best quality Fall Prevention devices are also supplied to the people. Fall prevention aids assume importance for disabled as well as elder ones living independently.

Most people who are susceptible or prone to falls due to stability issues or age-related weakness need good quality specific independent living equipment such as Anti-Slip Mats Fall Mats, Ultra-Grip and Non- Slip Indoor Mats Night Lamps, Touch Lamps, portable Sensor Lights Cordless Floor Alarm Mat

Benefits of Independent living equipment

The independent living equipment helps physically challenged individuals in performing day-to-day activities themselves, such as making living arrangements, mobility, personal hygiene, social life and engagements as well as employment.

Doing so they feel themselves to be more empowered rather than cared for by someone else.  This enhances their confidence and competence levels besides developing a sense of pride, self-reliance, and self-determination.

Using high-quality independent living equipment from Vital Living Services at the most reasonable cost can help disabled and aged people to live independently with dignity, ease, and safety. Should you need to buy the best independent living equipment; contact, the leaders in this field – Vital Living Services in Australia.

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