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Get on Trend: LED Light Therapy Machines

As the story goes, Egyptian Queen Cleopatra used milk, olive oil, and honey for luxurious, soft, radiant skin. Just as good skincare was practiced then, women today continue to do everything possible to rejuvenate and preserve their youthful facial appearance. Using home essentials and commercial products makes it no surprise that the beauty industry rakes in over $137 million annually. Women are putting more effort into self-care and making that include more than gym memberships. Trends are growing innovative treatments, including finding affordable machines such as LED Light Therapy Machines for Sale for home use.

Knowledge of natural skincare treatments similar to what Cleopatra used from the kitchen has evolved. More holistic approaches include papaya, apricots, watermelon, cucumbers, orange peels, tea, oatmeal, grapeseed oil, and more everyday items. If you look online for any self-care, skincare regime using products you have at home, you will find these products and more right in the kitchen. But as stated above, tides and trends are growing, and more people are on the hunt for LED light therapy machine for sale.

What is this LED Light Therapy Machine?

LED light therapy is a machine that, at one time, was only available in a professional office as a service, but that is no longer true. Now light therapy machines are available for purchase and use at home. LED light therapy exposes skin to multiple wavelengths (light) that heal surface skin problems. The light penetrates the skin and helps break up damaged skin and create collagen faster, creating fresh skin that looks brighter than before. Now that skincare professionals have proved that these machines do a lot to improve facial skin, that has made it a trendy investment tool to have at home.

How Does LED Light Therapy Machines Work?

LED light therapy machines work in colors like red and blue. Since skin absorbs light, those colored lights provide wavelengths at different powers that penetrate that skin tissue for treating skin issues. Some of those issues that the machines help resolve are:

  1. The machines help heal wounds by speeding up cell growth and reducing wound sizes in the process.
  2. The therapy helps reduce acne overall, scarring, lesions, and inflammation from acne.
  3. LED light therapy takes away the redness caused by inflammation.
  4. LED therapy helps smooth out fine lines and wrinkles.

Why Purchase a LED Light Therapy Machine?

The difference between LED light therapy and many other skincare treatments is that there is no downtime or light therapy discomfort. It is non-invasive, so you can go back to work or whatever activity you were previously doing after having LED light therapy. There are other benefits to purchasing a LED light therapy machine for your home. 1) It is a complete home facial; 2) it saves time and money; 3) devices are small and 4) a home LED light therapy machine can be done anytime and is light on labor.

What to Look for in Led Light Therapy Machine For Sale

Safety and efficiency are the main things to look for when following the trend of purchasing a LED light therapy machine for a home. is a great resource when shopping for your machine. When on the hunt for Light Therapy Machine For Sale, wavelength, price, mask fit, was material, and bulbs’ grades are other things to consider. The other most significant factor is what color you need based on what your skin needs. Here is a breakdown of what each color does.

Yellow light is excellent for reducing damage from the sun and visible scarring.

Red light is the most popular color offered. It soothes inflammation and redness and helps skin look plumper and the complexion more vibrant. Blue light is also good for regulating oil glands.

Blue light kills bacteria that causes breakouts on acne-prone skin. Blue also helps clean out oil glands.

Amber light isn’t as standard on home machines but is used to reduce swelling on the skin.

Infrared light is naked to the eye and penetrates more in-depth than other colors. It speeds up the natural production of collagen and elasticity in the skin.

Benefits and Results of LED Light Therapy Machines

Regardless of which LED light therapy machine you purchase, you can look for your skin to show the following signs of improvement from the mask with regular use.

 It evens out and improves overall skin tone and texture.

 Helps prevent new acne breakouts.

 Increases collagen production faster.

 It keeps the skin firm and improves the elasticity of the skin.

 Promotes an increase in healthy circulation.

 Acts as a repellant for bacteria.

 Boosts moisture and radiance.

 Immediately provides glowing skin.

 It helps reduce pore size.

Keep your skin youthful and vibrant by staying on trend with changing times. Your face will thank you for seeking a LED Light Therapy Machines for Sale.

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