Vive Precision Oximeter – a great option for an accurate temperature measurement

The world today is going through difficult times and taking care of your health is extremely important. From that perspective, the right kind of oximeter can prove to be one of the excellent options you would want to go with. Picking the right Pulse Oximeter may not be an easy task.

The Vive Precision Oximeter is one such excellent option and provides you access to an enhanced experience in checking your body temperature, heart rate, and SpO2 levels. One of the excellent options for aviation and sports requirements, it should be a great option for almost all your requirements.

What is Vive Pulse Oximeter?

In addition to helping you in tracking spO2, the oximeter has been capable of simplifying the home measurement and monitoring an easy task to the core. Compatibility with both iOS and Android should be what would make it one of the excellent choices ever.

Along with the device, you will get two AAA batteries, a carrying case, and a lanyard for an easy portability. Of course, it provides you access to an enhanced experience in a simpler functionality. It lets you measure blood oxygen and pulse rate. A multi-directional display is one of the strongest factors in its favor. The convenient on-off switch further helps you work with it rather easily.

The Product features that make it a Great choice

Some of the features that make it one of the excellent options can include a few of the excellent features. Some of the excellent features offered by the oximeter would include

  • A simple and easy one-touch operation to check your SpO2 levels.
  • A quicker and accurate measurement of the SpO2 levels
  • The self-adjusting spring system fits most of your fingers without any sort of pinching.
  • The bright LED screen displays a host of information that includes SpO2 levels, plethysmograph, pulse rates, and battery life
  • Certified and approved by FDA
  • It can detect and alert you when it notices irregular heartbeat or low oxygen saturation levels.
  • An extremely lightweight construction and an efficient portability
  • Two year warranty.

A few Pros and Cons

The Vive Precision oximeter does provide you access to a far more powerful functionality. However, you would find that it also suffers a few Pros and Cons as well. Let us check out a few Pros and Cons of the unit.


  • Ease of use and simplicity
  • A clear and bright display
  • Audible alarm and alert
  • Accurate results that are comparable to medical standards.


  • Short battery life reported in some cases
  • You do not get instant results. Need to wait for a few seconds.

Is It Worth the Money?

Yes, obviously. The consistent and accurate results are what would make it one of the excellent choices. The options offered by the Vive Health do get you access to an enhanced performance ever. The light and portable design should further make it one of the excellent options for an enhanced performance standard. Of course, you do not have the Bluetooth compatibility for connecting it to your smartphone can further make it a formidable choice.

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